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Plans to ban the use of segways, electronic scooters, and other types of personal transport in the center of Barcelona

сегвей барселона

This law mainly affects the Barceloneta and Gothic districts, the areas that serve as a major location for companies providing such types of transport for rent. The regulation, which could come into effect in the beginning of July, seeks to protect the rights of pedestrians, who recently have been filing increasing numbers of complaints related to the users of segways and electronic scooters.

Despite of the fact that the aforementioned means of transport cannot reach high speeds, they often present a great obstacle for the general traffic and bother small children. Moreover, the users of these means of transport, especially youth, tend to ignore common courtesy and the local culture. La Guardia Urbana (the city police) have announced the measures that will be taken in response to the improper use of personal electronic transport, including its confiscation.

A simplified version of this law might be applied in the Raval and Casc Antic districts as well.


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