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Itziar González’s project wins competition for the transformation of la Rambla

rambla reformation

The Km-ZERO project, carried out under the supervision of Mr. González, involves the work of 15 experts in the fields of architecture, sociology, economics, urban sciences, and others. The project has been designed to restore the boulevard for the local residents and all who live in Barcelona, as well as for public celebrations and festivals. After the terrorist attacks of August 2017, the city authorities intend to ensure increased security measures and consider the erection of a memorial as well to commemorate the victims of these tragic events.

Moreover, this project calls for the transition of the first floors of La Rambla’s buildings from commercial and tourist establishments to buildings for the city residents’ use. The plan also includes an increase in the availability of public transport and a reduction in the number of parking spaces available to private vehicles owners. (In any case, it is preferable not to use a car in this area). The central management of commercial sites, such as Boqueria market, chiringuitos, flower kiosks, and corner shops, will undergo some reformation as well. In addition, the project foresees landscaping innovations, the creation of a historical building preservation and restoration zone, and the introduction of a mechanism to monitor real estate transactions.

It is very likely that implementation of this part of the project will begin in 2019.


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