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The first European center for AIDS prevention to open in Barcelona

European Center for AIDS Prevention

Ferran Pujol, director of BCN Checkpoint, informed his audience about the center’s coming inauguration at a press conference. In addition, he presented the center’s strategy for development. Mr. Pujol argues that there is an undisputable ‘ethical necessity’ to introduce AIDS preventive measures, and recent research has proved the center’s efficiency.

The center will provide visitors with all necessary information, offer consultations, conduct clinical research, carry out medical assistance, prescribe medicines, and facilitate the development of scientific innovations.

Mr. Pujol noted the tardiness of the Generalitat Healthcare System in encouraging the opening of this institute. However, he expressed hope that this center would become a harbinger in the inauguration of similar establishments all over the country. The problem is still acute, as statistics show that every day two people in Catalonia and ten people in Spain are diagnosed with AIDS.


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