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Barcelona wants to decrease daily water consumption rates per person

water consumption in barcelona

The mayor’s office of the Catalonian capital has presented 242 measures devised to adapt the city to the upcoming changes that Climate will address. The plan also includes following the Paris Anti-Global Warming Measures Agreement. Experts maintain that the guidelines set in this document will help to resolve the decrease in the precipitation rate and the significant reduction of accessible water resources.

As of 2017, Barcelona residents have consumed approximately 107.5 liters of water per person per day, which translates to 26 liters fewer than in the year 2001. These optimistic results were achieved due to the periodic campaigns aimed at “closing faucets.” Furthermore, Barcelona is positioned among the largest world cities with the lowest water consumption rates. Consider the following figures, for example: Madrid consumes 131 liters per person daily, London 159 liters per capita, and Oslo 197 liters. At the same time, the Organization of the United Nations has established that the volume of 50 liters to 100 liters as a daily standard is enough to meet human needs.

The Climate project is a big challenge for Barcelona on its way to acquire the title of an ecologically neutral city by the year 2050. Among numerous incentives, this plan presupposes the reduction of water consumption along with the decrease of harmful atmospheric emissions as the key elements for success.


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