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Ancient ship used in a school construction process

IES Martí Pous

Specialists claim that some parts of the shipyard have been lost, including, for example, one of five of its docks. By contrast, the rest of the docks have been preserved rather well. In the future, officials plan to refurbish the interior of the ship fully. Javier de la Cruz, a representative of the Centre d’Estudis Ignasi Iglésias (CEII), expressed his deep concerns that the ship is not being treated with enough care. “The destiny of this ship seems to be similar to that of Can Fabra library, which was modernized too much. As a result, when you are inside, you don’t feel like you really are in an ancient factory.” Ca l’Alsina ship is one of the iconic elements of the district and even has appeared in a series of historical filmings.

However, the school construction works are entirely legal and are being carried out in accordance with the municipal department of cultural heritage’s guidelines. Despite its obvious historical value, the ship has not been included in the catalogue of the City’s Architectural Heritage – a step that requires the consent of the government, Generalitat, and Educational Consortium.


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