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Barcelona residents act against the “hatred campaign” directed toward the Muslim population of the district of Prosperitat

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For over a year now, the local Muslim community has been facing protests and xenophobic remarks and actions of varying intensity. The most vocal expressions of hatred began after the city issued an official permit for the construction of a mosque on Calle Japó.

As the data of FAVB show, Muslim members of the community have been receiving threats, due to which the mosque is not fully operational. Since then, the protests, which are held mainly by ultra-rightists, have become a matter of concern for non-Muslim people who reside in the district and do not participate in such events. Significant problems arise, in particular, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, when ultra-rightists gather in a local bar, consume alcoholic drinks, and begin their “campaign” by shouting highly abusive phrases and racist and nationalist slogans at the Muslims who pass by on the street.

The residents of the area have expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of effective measures taken by the city authorities. They demand that police guarantee safe access to the mosque and that the mayor’s office take measures aimed at improving the co-existence of the diverse groups among the Prosperitat residents.


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