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Renovation of the cult pavilions of Finca Güell created by Gaudi

finca guell

The first phase of restoration will begin in early fall on this architectural object, which can be counted among the numerous historical and cultural monuments of national significance and among the property of the University of Barcelona. The pavilions represent two buildings constructed by Gaudi: a residential house commissioned by Eusebi Güell and a gatehouse. The gates decorated with the figure of a dragon are of especially great cultural value. To accommodate guests during the period of restoration, another entrance will be provided to the touristic site. The alternate entrance will appear on the corner of Avenguda de Pedralbes and George Collins, and the project developers assure us that “it will be made of wood to remain in complete harmony with the adjacent buildings.”

Moreover, the current ticket office will be replaced by a visitors’ control machine. Plans are also underway to “improve the affordability” of this touristic site and to create a small exhibition space related to Gaudi, the Pabellones de Güell complex, and the history of modernism.

The restoration works also will extend to the fence along Avenguda de Pedralbes, even though this structure is not included in the architectural complex of the pavilions. The brickwork plinth will be replaced by metallic and transparent materials, and the metal bars from the 1960s will be replaced by new structures.


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