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Immigration to Spain

иммиграция в испанию

There are several strategies envisaged by the immigration laws of Spain that enable one to obtain a residence permit and later on to be eligible for a permanent residence permit:

  • Studying in Spain;
  • Marrying a Spanish citizen;
  • Investing in Spanish real estate or business (also called “investor’s immigration”);
  • Obtaining a residence permit for the purpose of conducting business activities;

Spanish immigration policy

According to Spanish immigration laws, one is permitted to stay in the country legally for more than 90 consecutive days with one of the following documents: residence permit, permanent residence permit, or citizenship.

There are crucial differences among the aforementioned documents. According to the Spanish immigration rules, a residence permit is issued for a period of time ranging from 1 to 3 years and can be extended. In this case, one must stay in Spain no fewer than 183 days per year. A permanent residence permit in Spain is issued for 10 years and always presupposes work authorization and the preservation of one’s citizenship in his or her country of origin. On the other hand, one can qualify for Spanish citizenship only after living legally in the country for 10 years (except in some cases, such as marrying a Spanish citizen) and presupposes obtaining the passport of the Spanish Kingdom and renouncing one’s original citizenship.

Spanish immigration rules for students

Spanish immigration requirements for students enrolling in a Spanish educational institution or in continuing education courses are quite simple:

  • A student’s card is issued for one year, with the possibility of extension if the student plans to continue his or her studies.
  • The study load must not be fewer than 20 hours per week.
  • The educational institution must have a relevant license and be certified by the Ministry of Education of Spain.
  • One can obtain a proper residence permit upon completing three years of education.

Spanish immigration requirements in the case of marriage to a Spanish citizen

Требования для иммиграции в Испанию при заключении брака

After entering into a marriage with a Spanish citizen, you will be eligible not only for a residence permit, but also for the citizenship of the Kingdom of Spain only one year after the date of marriage. (It is not mandatory for the marriage to be registered in Spain). Initially, according to the immigration policy of Spain, the spouse is granted a residence permit for 5 years, with a work authorization. Moreover, it is necessary to pass an interview successfully to eliminate the possibility that the marriage is fictitious.

Investor’s immigration to Spain

If investing in Spanish real estate, you will not have any problems with immigration to Spain. Below are the main requirements for such an option:

  • The object cost is no fewer than 500000 euros;
  • Work authorization is included for an investor and his or her family members;
  • The investor has the possibility to take a loan with a bank;
  • There are no restrictions on the period of stay in Spain within the year;
  • A residence permit for investors is issued for 2 years, with the possibility of extension for 5 more years.

Spanish immigration problems for entrepreneurs

Вопросы иммиграции в Испанию для предпринимателей

Scientists and entrepreneurs who can prove the uniqueness and exceptional importance of their activities or invest in the Spanish economy can obtain a residence permit in Spain for 2 years, with the possibility of extension. Spanish immigration rules state that one must prove the efficacy of his or her business and provide guarantees of the creation of additional jobs, as well as present a detailed business plan. This information will be evaluated when making the final decision on the possibility of a foreigner’s move to Spain to open a private business.

Should you have any questions related to document preparation and immigration to Spain, feel free to contact INEEDSpain service center, where you can order a personal consultation and clarify any doubts and questions you might have.


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