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English-speaking lawyer in Barcelona

english-speaking lawyer barcelona

The process of relocation from one country to another, even if the relocation is inside the E.U., where many of the immigration laws and requirements are very similar, nevertheless presents plenty of nuances, especially in the legal field. It is highly recommended that those moving to Barcelona take advantage of the services of an English-speaking solicitor in Barcelona in advance in order to prevent common problems and to obtain all the necessary advice and instructions.

In any case, it is of crucial importance to find a specialist with extensive knowledge, not only of Spanish law, but also of the legislative base for other countries and their areas of correlation with Spanish law. This expert must be broadly prepared and possess a vast legal background, since the range of questions with which English-speaking immigration lawyers tend to deal is extremely wide. It is of utmost importance for an immigrant to consult a professional, should he or she decide to establish a private business in Spain, buy property, invest in Spanish companies or projects, obtain a Spanish driving license, or take advantage of Spanish medical services. All these cases require that an immigrant possess a specific legal status in the country, defined obligations, and required documentation.

An English-speaking lawyer in Barcelona will be able to explain with ease the difference between a temporary residence permit and the permanent residence permit, describe how to obtain these documents, and shed light on such issues as the NIE and the personal taxpayer number in Spain. This specialist will guide you through the basics of the bureaucratic system in Spain and explain which formalities, deadlines, and procedures you will need to keep in mind.

english-speaking solicitor barcelona

INEEDSpain service center will assist in defining your precise needs in terms of legal advice and will find you an efficient, English-speaking solicitor in Barcelona who possesses all of the necessary skills and expertise. Our experience and top-level professionalism in the field of immigration law enable us to act as mediators in this way. We will assist you so that you understand the market for legal services more clearly, define for you the field in which you need a specialist, and choose the best lawyer to tackle your specific problem. In addition, before taking all these steps, you will be able to discuss your preferences in terms of your budget and your requirements for the legal expert’s skill set with our specialists. Specifying these details will reduce considerably the scale of the search and will expedite the positive outcome of the overall process. The contact network of INEEDSpain service center encompasses only highly-qualified, English-speaking lawyers in Barcelona with certified university diplomas, proof of continuing education, knowledge of Spanish legislation, and evidence of successful cases in their careers to date.

The services of English-speaking immigration lawyers in Barcelona have been especially in demand over the last few years, since violation of Spanish legislation by newcomers may lead to criminal prosecution. Moreover, other fields of law are also included in the range of services we provide:

  • Clients often address our lawyers with questions pertaining to family law (registering a marriage or filing for divorce, dividing of property, obtaining child custody, and questions related to inheritance and terms of inheritance, etc.);
  • The civil law specialist will help you to elaborate and sign a contract, give it significant legal clout, and clarify all questions and doubts concerning the property in question;
  • Spanish taxation concepts frequently require thorough clarification by a competent lawyer who is an expert in tax law;
  • Copyright law;
  • Housing law;
  • Questions about labor law are issues that often preoccupy immigrants who have moved to Spain and obtained a residence permit with a job authorization;
  • An English-speaking solicitor in Barcelona will provide valuable advice on conducting a legal review of business treaties;
  • Administrative law primarily deals with traffic fines;
  • When it comes to criminal law, it is important to find a competent, English-speaking lawyer;
  • Procedural law;

In case you need to consult a competent lawyer with a specialization in Spanish law, you can always contact the specialists of INEEDSpain service center. Our high level of professionalism is reinforced by our many years of experience, numerous successful cases, and positive feedback from our clients. INEEDSpain will make the services of highly-qualified, English-speaking solicitors in Barcelona an affordable reality for you.


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