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Barcelona University Summer Schools

barcelona university summer schools

The Barcelona university summer schools are distinguished according to their areas of concentration: Barcelona economics summer schools, summer design schools, business schools, summer dance schools, and summer language schools. All Barcelona university summer schools have one thing in common – the high quality of their programs and splendid location in Barcelona that, in its turn, means unlimited opportunities for both leisure and career building. We offer for your consideration the most interesting programs of the summer university schools in the capital of Catalonia.

Barcelona University Summer School of Pompeu Fabra (UPF Barcelona summer school)

UPF Barcelona summer school is one of the best public universities in Spain that gladly opens its doors to Spanish and international students seeking to increase their knowledge in the fields of audiovisual communication, political sciences, and Spanish linguistics. The programs of the summer school of this university are designed in such a way that the students are able to immerse themselves fully in the international environment of Barcelona, a symbolic global center of cosmopolitanism and intercultural exchange. All classes at UPF Barcelona summer school are conducted both by permanent faculty and specially invited teachers. Apart from the academic programs, the students enjoy exciting cultural events, excursions, and entertainment programs. For every successfully completed course, the students gain credit points (ECTS) that can be added to the general number of credits earned after returning to the student’s university of origin.

barcelona university summer school pompeu fabra

As a rule, the classes in UPF Barcelona summer school start in the second half of June. Apart from the summer courses mentioned above, the University of Pompeu Fabra, together with the Los Angeles University of California, offers the program entitled, “Global Cities: Barcelona - Los Angeles.” During the summer holidays, this exclusive program grants a unique opportunity to the best students to study in two prestigious universities at the same time.

Barcelona University Summer School –The International Summer School of the UB

Barcelona University Summer School at the top public university of Spain offers courses that last from one to four weeks. The main language of teaching in the 25 different courses in this summer school is English. These courses cover a variety of scientific fields, such as business and management, health sciences, natural and social sciences, and humanities. The courses of the Barcelona University are open to students from all over the world. In addition to the specialization courses, all interested persons can register for the Spanish summer school. The innovative technologies, centuries-long academic traditions, experienced teaching teams, and cross-cultural communication and environment are all elements that will surely contribute to the harmonious development of your future career. The courses begin at the end of June.

The International Summer School of the UB

IBEI Barcelona Summer School

IBEI Barcelona Summer School courses are mainly designed for postgraduates, teachers, and researchers in the fields of political science, economics, international relations, and international research.

The main objective of IBEI Barcelona Summer School is to offer various short-term courses covering a wide range of important issues in the fields of international relations and international political economics. World famous experts and instructors teach all the courses in the school. The main language of communication is English.

Barcelona Graduate School of Economics’ Summer Courses

Barcelona Graduate School of Economics’ Summer Courses stand out due to their immense variety and their suitability for students with different areas of concentration, as well as for specialists who would like to increase their level of knowledge or simply refresh their professional skills:

  • Barcelona Banking Summer School;
  • Barcelona Finance Summer School;
  • Barcelona Competition Economics Summer School;
  • Barcelona Macroeconomics Summer School is a joint program with the Center of International Economic Research CREI;
  • Data Science Summer School;
  • Barcelona Labor Economics Summer School;
  • Barcelona Macro Econometrics Summer School;
  • Barcelona Micro Econometrics Summer School;
  • Barcelona Political Economy Summer School.

All summer courses at the Barcelona graduate school of economics are designed for the duration of 1-2 weeks and begin at the end of June. Those who manage to reserve a seat in the course in advance receive a discount.

IESE Barcelona Summer School (IESE Barcelona summer school)

IESE Barcelona Summer School

Barcelona is famous for its excellent business schools. For this reason, summer schools organized at these particular schools are extremely popular among students. The summer school, IESE, offers an intensive, week-long business course. In a short time, this course will help you to become immersed in the global world of business and feel that you are a student of the MBA program, the business professionals’ program. You can learn about the nuances of all these subjects in the summer school: personnel management, company administration, marketing, finances and accounting, informational systems, and entrepreneurship. Moreover, the summer school also teaches and emphasizes teamwork. Although the curriculum of IESE summer school is rather intensive, there is still time for leisure activities as well. The course described briefly above is a great option for those who are ready to wake up early in the morning, study hard, and actively explore the gorgeous city of Barcelona.

ESADE Barcelona International Summer School

ESADE Barcelona International Summer School offers various programs available to students of the senior grades (16-18 years old), university students, and professionals. The language of teaching is English. The courses are beneficial for those interested in business, international law, entrepreneurship, and international relations. The students at this summer school can choose from courses that last from 2 to 8 weeks. The curriculum includes not only in-class lessons, but also visits to the largest international companies located in Barcelona. Moreover, the program offers multiple cultural events designed to help the students become acquainted with the rich cultural and historical heritage of the region.

IAAC Barcelona Summer School

IAAC Barcelona Summer School

The summer school of the Institute of Modern Architecture of Catalonia, IAAC, is part of a global platform that encompasses the international team of specialists and schools. Members are situated in different cities around the world and play key roles in the fields of architecture, design, urban planning, and digital design. Barcelona, with its unique architecture and world-famous architects, architecture schools, and universities, could by no means be omitted from the list of these vital locations for this global project. The summer school of the Institute of Modern Architecture of Catalonia, IAAC, offers its students a 2-week-long course that enables them to become familiar with the latest international innovations in the fields of design and urban planning.

This review of Barcelona’s summer university schools does not cover all the possible options for combining your summer holidays with an academic purpose. There are hundreds of options from which to choose. Our profile managers will gladly select the best Barcelona summer university programs for you. They will clarify the availability of open seats and assist in reserving a seat just for you. We are ready to help you find a suitable accommodation while studying in this country and organize an unforgettable vacation in Spain.


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