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English speaking universities in Spain

english universities spain

In the article, “Studying in Spain for International Students”, we have already discussed aspects of education in Spain regarding the English language programs. Every year, international universities in Spain introduce more programs in English, enabling one to pursue a degree in the language that suits the majority of the students and obtain a diploma that corresponds to international standards. Foreign students who still need to improve their level of English can take advantage of the language courses offered by many Spanish universities in order to improve the language proficiency needed for successful studying in the future.

English Universities in Barcelona (English universities in Barcelona)




Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona



The most famous university in Barcelona and one of the best public universities in Spain offers programs in English at all stages of studies. This English-speaking university 140 offers more than 45 Master’s programs and 80 Bachelor’s programs in the English language, as well as a degree in business administration, management and economics, tourism, English literature and philology, computer engineering, nano- and biotechnologies, medicine and pharmacology, political science, sports management, etc. This international university also offers grants and scholarships to foreign students. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, 2015-2016, UAB has been named the best university in Spain and #146 in the world list of universities.

Faculty of Education, Faculty of Political Science and Sociology,Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Business Studies, School of Engineering, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.When to apply for admission?Starting in January for official master’s degrees and in April/May for UAB-specific master’s degrees.

University of Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona)



This is the leading state university of Catalonia and one of the oldest and the most prestigious universities in Spain for foreign students. It is also an important research center in Europe. It offers programs in English at different stages of study: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs. All in all, there are over 1000 study programs at the university, including qualification-upgrading courses and summer and language learning courses. University of Barcelona consists of 16 departments, several higher education schools, and scientific and research centers. This Spanish university 140 boasts a developed infrastructure. The university town offers 7 campuses, medical clinics, students’ dormitories, and 2 parks.

Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Geography and History, Faculty of Geology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Science, Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Philosophy, Directory Faculty of Physics, Directory, Faculty of Psychology: Directory

University of Pompeu Fabra (Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona, UPF)



The second biggest public university in Spain with programs in English is one of the best universities in the country with a high percentage of foreign students and teachers. The university campus is located in the very heart of Barcelona. By conducting active scientific activities, especially in the fields of medicine and social sciences, the university offers a great opportunity to obtain fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge for those able to study medicine in Spain in the English language (according to the rankings of the Times Higher Education, 2015). In 2015, the influential Spanish periodical El Mundo positioned UPF as a leader in the following areas of specialization: 1st in Economics, Labor Relations, Finance and Accounting and Audiovisual Communication, 2nd in Business Management and Administration, 3rd in Political and Administration Sciences, 4th in Law, Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations.

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, Polytechnic School, PhD School. Several other schools are affiliated with the university: School of International Trade (ESCI), School of Economics (Barcelona GSE), School of Management, Elisava School of Design, etc.

International University of Catalonia/ Internacional de Catalunya



This university is a leader among Spanish universities for international students. It is one of the universities that offers programs in English with the highest number of foreign students and teachers. Students from more than 60 countries study at this university, and English is the main language of communication among students. Study in the university is based on a personal approach to each student. Groups have a maximum of 11 students, and 40% of studying time is dedicated to practical assignments. Data demonstrates that almost 90% of the graduates of this English-speaking university successfully find a job. UIC has two campuses, a research center, several libraries, medical clinics, and a special extra-curricular program for the students.

Faculty of Law, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Dentistry, School of Architecture (ESARQ), Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Carlemany Institute of European Studies (ICEE), Institute for Advance Family Studies (IESF), Institute of Advanced Bioethics Studies,Albert Jovell Institute for Public Health and Patients

Polytechnic University of Catalonia/ (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)



One of the biggest technical public universities in Catalonia and Spain for international students, the study process in this university is based on the concept of internationalization, with programs offered in English. At this polytechnic university one may obtain degrees at all three educational levels: in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs. Teaching is conducted in Catalan, Spanish, and English. UPC boasts 42 departments, 25 professional schools located throughout Catalonia, as well as over 20 scientific and research centers. The university has bilateral agreements with the leading universities of Europe and carries out international exchange with the best engineering universities in the world.

Aerospace Engineering, Applied Sciences, Architecture, Urbanism and Building Construction, Biosystems and Agri-Food Engineering, Business Management and Organization, Civil Engineering, Design and Multimedia Technology, Health Sciences and Technology, Industrial Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Naval, Marine and Nautical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, Masters Programs in the areas of Management, International Business, Business Administration, secondary and senior secondary education, professional preparation and foreign languages courses, mathematics, gender culture and politics

La Salle Universitat Ramon Llull (La Salle URL)



One of the most innovative private universities of Catalonia, this university is also among the most well-known in Spain for international students. At the university, one can obtain degrees at all three educational levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs. The university is comprised of a network of multi-specialization schools. Also, the university includes 11 university- and research centers. La Salle business school is included in the list of the top 10 business schools in the world. Dozens of the master’s and doctoral programs (taught in English) at this Spanish university were announced to be the best in the annual ranking by El Mundo.

Architecture and Construction, Architecture and Engineering, Digital Photography, Health Management, ICT Engineering, ICT Management, Innovation and Product Development, MBA, Marketing and Digital Business, Multimedia Creation, Operations Management, Project Management, Research, ICT&Management, SAP Consultancy, Thought and Creativity, Intellectual Manufacturing and Business Art




One of the best international schools in Spain and Europe, everything here is taught in English. The school focuses on 3D and combined imaging. Studies are exclusively in English, and 3-6 months and year-long programs are offered. The teachers at this school are professionals in the field of audiovisual art. The study group has a maximum of 10 students. Also, the school offers Spanish language courses online.

Compositing Program, Professional 3D for Architecture & Interior, Design Program, Professional 3D for Graphic Design & Photography Program, 3D & Postproduction for Visual Effects Program

Barcelona School of Design & Engineering (ELISAVA)



The first college of design in Spain, this school was founded in 1961. Today, it has proven to be one of the most popular schools among international students. The studying process at ELISAVA is carried out on two levels: that of the Bachelor’s degree and the Doctoral program.

Interior Design, Research for Design and Innovation. Graphic Design, Photography and Design, Advanced Design, Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Creative Process, Retail Design. Design and Space: Shopping, Design and Concept: the Brand, Interior Space Design. Private Perimeters, Design of Work Space, Cool-hunting. Design and Global Trends, Graphic Design and Publishing Projects. Advanced Design and Digital Architecture

Universidad Abat Oliba CEU



One of the largest private universities in Spain for international students, this university offers 9 degrees and double degrees in bilingual modality. The university has learning agreements with the universities of more than 20 countries. It is among the English-speaking universities in Spain that boast a high percentage of graduate employment.

Law and Politics, Economic and Business Communication, Education and Humanities, Psychology

Another famous international university in Spain is located in Murcia:

Catholic University of Murcia - Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)



One of the English-speaking universities of Spain, 10% of its students are foreigners. 8 Master’s programs and 4 Bachelor’s programs are offered completely in English. US students can take advantage of the International Internship Program. UCAM has a language school that offers summer and winter courses. This international university of Spain is engaged in research activities and cooperates with the largest world corporations, such as Coca-Cola, Danone, and Vodafone. Sports are one of the main priorities at the university. Many world champions and gold medal winners are graduates of the university, such as Mireia Belmonte and David Cal. A personalized approach is the main educational principle at UCAM.

Business Administration, Modern Languages, Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, International Business Administration, MBA, Sports Management, Innovation and Tourism, Marketing, Hospitality Management, European Union Studies and Human Rights, High Performance Sports: Strength and Conditioning, Oral Surgery and Implant Dentistry, Bilingual Education

When should one submit an application for admission to a university in Spain as an international student?

apply to english university spain

The majority of universities in Spain start accepting documents for the Master’s programs starting in January and continue accepting paperwork until May. However, we recommend you begin thinking about your admission beforehand for many reasons, including:

  • admission to many programs is open only while there are vacancies; in many prestigious programs the spots may already be occupied in May/June.
  • the earlier you get the admission confirmation, the earlier you will be able to start preparing the documents for the student visa. August is traditionally a month of vacations in Spain, and it is extremely difficult to obtain all necessary documents at the universities.
  • you can start searching for accommodations in advance. There are many options to choose from, from staying in a student dormitory to purchasing an apartment. The most important thing is to thoroughly evaluate all pros and cons of the decision.
  • some Bachelor’s, Master’s, and post-graduate programs start several times per year; therefore, it is possible to embark on studies without waiting for a new academic year.
  • it does not matter which language you are planning to choose for your studies–even half a year of intensive classes or language courses will enable you to meet the admission criteria of the university.
  • some universities require certificates of official language exams (DELE for the Spanish language, IELTS, TOEFL for English). It is important to register for the exams in advance.
  • in order to increase the chances for admission, one can submit certain additional documents, such as recommendation letters written by previous professors recommending you to a specific university and department. For this reason, you have to know for sure where exactly you would like to study;
  • the average grade of your certificate or diploma can make a huge difference. By choosing a university and a program in advance, you will have extra motivation to improve your academic performance.

We’d like to inform you that the universities in Spain that offer programs in English 170 are very attentive to international students. For this reason, the admission process usually requires time, responsibility, and considerable effort.

If you want to be finished with this procedure as rapidly as possible without destroying your nerves, let our professionals help you. Our company has been working in the sphere of education in Spain for many years. We offer you a great variety of high-quality services in this field at affordable prices. You can get a consultation by phone as indicated on our webpage or by writing an e-mail or a message to the specialists at «INEEDSpain» company. We will gladly help you with visa applications and the admission process to one of the best Spanish universities for international students.


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