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Business manager services in Barcelona

Business Manager Services in Barcelona

Spanish laws provide additional benefits for businesspeople, including a simplified procedure for obtaining a visa. Nevertheless, when considering opening a business in Spain, it is of utmost importance to evaluate many essential details. This precaution is especially true when the entrepreneur does not yet have a Spanish residence permit, but the business requires his or her daily participation and presence in the country. In this case, the entrepreneur should consider the services of a business development manager in Barcelona.

What are the functions of a business manager in Barcelona?

Choosing a business development manager in Barcelonais a challenging but beneficial task. A business manageris selected to monitor and control the business functions on a daily basis, and, as a result, the profitability and overall success of the business venture depend directlyupon his or her professionalism. There are multiple terms used to refer to abusiness manager in Barcelona. In Spanish, there are two words for the position: “gestor,” which can be translated literally as, “in charge of the business” or “administrator,” and “asesor,” which more closely means “advisor” or “consultant.”It is nearly impossible to outline in absolute terms all the obligations and tasks of a “gestor,”sincethis person should be knowledgeablein everything from the system of formation and calculation of compensations and bonuses to employees and administrative issues. In general, a business development manager in Barcelonais responsible for the following:

  • Initial assistance in opening a business. This includes the collection of all the necessary paperwork and permits, creation of the business plan, and development of the business marketing strategy.
  • Employee coordination. This category includes developing the corporate culture and motivational programs, hiring and dismissal, and organizing trainings on safety regulations.
  • Company’s financial control. A business manager in Barcelona directly monitors a company’s profits and losses, signsbills (“facturas”), takes responsibility for the appropriate preparation of the financial documents, and reports the key financial outcomes to the business owner.
  • Organization of communication among different subdivisions of the company to ensure the smooth function of the whole business. In other words, in order to contribute to the successful operation of the company, the “gestor” adjusts the mechanisms responsible for the company’s operation, promotes dedicated teamwork among the employees, and coordinates various services.

A business manager in Barcelona must be a resident or citizen of Spain and should be fluent in the native language of the business owner. Otherwise, the latter is at risk of facing constant misunderstandings and, as a result, a negative impact on the development of his or her business. The business relations of the company’s owner with a manager are based on an official contract that outlines the services provided by the manager for the owner (henceforth called “the parties”). When writing the text of the contract, the business owner should be extremely cautious not to miss any crucial detail for either of the parties. As a further note, it is possible for the “asesor” or “gestor” to refer to a private physical entity or to the services of a managerial company. (In Spanish, such a company is called a “gestoría.”)

Efficient business management in Barcelona with “INEEDSpain”

business management in Barcelona

“INEEDSpain” service center offers the services of highly qualified business managers in Barcelona to deal with all the issues related to opening and administering businesses in Spain. All our managers are graduates of world-class, prestigious universities and business schools, enabling them to navigate freely in the operational and strategic administration of a business, as well as in the sector of crisismanagement. These factors make our candidates the ideal business development managers working in Barcelona.

Moreover, all our managers are fluent in several European languages. Thus, if it is a major prerequisite that your potential business manager speak English fluently, we will find the best candidates on the market for you. Before selecting a “gestor” for a specific business, we conduct a number of meetings in order to determine the client’s exact demands, narrow his or her search, and find the most appropriate candidate to meet the owner’s unique requirements. Should you wish to contact us for a consultation to find theperfect business manager in Barcelona for your company, our contact information can be found on the main page of the website.


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