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Translation services in Barcelona

translator in barcelona

On one hand, a consistently expanding market of translation services grants users more freedom of choice. On the other hand, the number of agencies also presents a considerable obstacle, since determining the certified level of a professional translator and his or her experience becomes a key priority. When discussing certified translators in Barcelona, it is worth mentioning the specialists of ‘INEEDSpain’ service center.

Today, translation services in Barcelona are highly sought after. This can be explained, to a large extent, by Spain’s rather liberal legislative system’s allowances for non-residents to run businesses, along with foreign investors’ increase in activities and the rapid growth of the tourism sector (including medical tourism). Millions of foreigners who come to Barcelona every year for various reasons, whether for treatment in one of the city clinics, a course of study at a local university, or the purchase of property in the city, among other reasons, very often find themselves in need of a professional interpreter. It might also happen that many of these visitors do not demonstrate enough fluency to establish successful communication in Spain, especially in narrowly specialized sectors. For this reason, the assistance of a certified translator with a great reputation in Barcelona can speed up and notably facilitate the accomplishment of professional and personal goals.

When choosing a translator, a client might face various challenges, such as: Should I choose a freelancer or contact a specialized translation agency? What is the most important item to look for in a translator’s CV? How much experience should the translator have? And, finally, what is a reasonable fee for translation services? It goes without saying that the possibilities rendered by the translation services market in Barcelona enable users to consider many options.

This article will focus on “INEEDSpain” service center, which has proven to be a workplace for highly certified translators in Barcelona, many of whom are known to be the best English-speaking translators in the city.

manager translator in barcelona

The translators of “INEEDSpain” are officially certified, with vast professional backgrounds, and are fluent in several foreign languages. Our clients receive the following advantages:

  • It is clear that a certified translator in Barcelona not only needs to demonstrate exceptional fluency in a target language in general, but also must be an expert in a specialized subset of the vocabulary. Our translators specialize in the following topics: medicine, business, law and legislative matters, commerce, bureaucratic procedures, art, and advertisement. For this reason, regardless of the purpose of your visit to Barcelona and your reasons for contacting a professional translator, we will find the best specialist to matches your needs.
  • Another advantage of working with us is the specific nature of our activities. What we do is not just translation. Our service options also include interpreters, or escort translation services in Barcelona. This is especially valuable for those coming to Spain on business trips – the need to negotiate with Spanish-speaking partners or participate in conferences and court hearings, for example, creates a demand for top-level translation services. Upon request, our specialists will accompany you to your business and personal meetings, facilitate communication with governmental authorities, and help you to collect any required documents you need.
  • Often, clients need to order a written translation of documents, diplomas, invitations, or other official papers. In this case, certified translators of Barcelona’s “INEEDSpain” company will produce a translation of documents of any complexity level (including a notarized translation, if needed).

Should you require the services of an English-speaking translator in Barcelona to translate in writing or orally on a high-quality, professional level, contact our “INEEDSpain” service center. We will process your enquiry rapidly and choose the best translator for you, depending on the specifics of your documents. You are welcome to contact us by phone or via the e-mail indicated on the main page of our website.


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