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Car insurance companies in Spain

car insurance market in Spain

Before you embark on your study of the list of car insurance companies in Spain and choose one of them, it is important to understand the nuances of the car insurance market in Spain and the base costs the insurance companies tend to apply.

Any motor vehicle that enters Spanish territory must be insured. However, Spanish insurance is not a mandatory document per say for cars that already possess a registration in one of the European Union countries (including Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland) and the drivers of which have obtained the so-called automotive “green card” (or certificado internacional de seguro de autómovil). The civil liability of third parties to such cars’ owners is automatically insured in Spain.

In case a driver is not an E.U. citizen, he or she will need to obtain insurance through one of the car insurance companies of Spain. It is important to consider that the Spanish car insurance market demonstrates a special gradation by insurance policy type:

  • Compulsory insurance. This type of insurance covers civil liabilities to third parties. That is, it refers to instances when an insurance holder causes a traffic accident, and his or her actions incur damages on third parties. Compulsory insurance covers these damages. This type of car insurance in Spain is a mandatory minimum and is the most frequently used.
  • Voluntary insurance. This insurance package within the framework of voluntary car insurance in Spain envisages, not only coverage of damages to third parties, but also compensation in case of car theft, breakdown, or accidents. The cost of this insurance type is considerably higher.

It is also possible to purchase car insurance with a franchise (in which part of the sum is paid by a buyer).

Another obvious advantage of insuring a car in Spain is the easy access to numerous English-speaking car insurance companies in this country. This service is available to a larger extent than other English-speaking services because E.U. regulations require a motor vehicle to be insured in the country of its purchase. Thus, many European companies, including the Spanish ones, have their representation offices in other countries, and vice versa.

As a rule, all car insurance companies in Spain issue all possible types of insurance, which can be distinguished by their service features, the possibility of coverage extension, and the availability of loyalty programs.

List of car insurance companies in Spain

List of car insurance companies in Spain

Based on the statistics up to 2015, the three most popular car insurance companies in Spain are Mapfre, Allianz, and Mutua Madrileña. To generate this company list, the data compilers used such key criteria as the number of insurance holders issued by the company and the purchase number per year.


Mapfre is a network of insurance companies with a world-level reputation, 78 million clients, and headquarters in the United States. In Spain, the company has been represented for over 25 years (since 1989). Car insurance types offered by Mapfre agents encompass all standard car insurance options, from the minimal third-party insurance coverage to various types of extra coverage (fire, theft insurance, etc.). Mapfre insures, not only motor vehicles, but also motorcycles, scooters, and vans. Additionally, the company offers insurance options for vehicles with a hybrid engine and special types of insurance for youth. Moreover, this car insurance company in Spain offers substantial discounts (or loyalty programs) for insurance renewal (-40%) and for insurance renewal with no driving accidents (-60%).


Allianz is a large, international insurance company that offers a full spectrum of insurance services (covering more than just car insurance policies). Founded in 1890 in Munich, this company boasts a long history. Millions of customers all over the world trust this company, not only for the superb quality of services rendered, but also due to the fruitful operation of the company’s own research center, which develops new solutions and ways to combat traffic accidents. Overall, Allianz is one of the best car insurance companies in Spain, with its main office in Barcelona.

The cost of Allianz insurance depends on the car’s operation period and its market value. Also, this company offers insurance in the event of vandalism and a wide range of special insurance programs. At the same time, one can easily obtain the minimal, cheap insurance (third party insurance).

Mutua Madrileña

This insurance company has been providing insurance services for all types of motor vehicles for more than 80 years already. It is the third most popular insurance among car owners in Spain. There is only one disadvantage – in contrast to the other leaders in the ranking, this company does not have a presence in the international arena. Hence, one can buy insurance with this company only for cars purchased and registered in Spain. Although the company’s website is extremely comfortable and visual, there is no English language interface (and foreign users may face the same problem with customer services). However, taking into account the wide discount system available, it is a good decision to insure a car purchased in Spain with this company.

In terms of insurance-related paperwork procedures, one must sign a car insurance contract that contains the following information: car owner and motor vehicle data and conditions, depending on the chosen insurance program. In order to sign a contract (with any insurance company) you will need a Spanish driving license (obtained in Spain or legalized by Spanish authorities), residence permit (with address confirmation), as well as proof of your financial solvency (in terms of documents that confirm the existence of a banking account with one of the Spanish banks).

For a consultation on car insurance in Spain, you are always welcome to contact the specialists of INEEDSpain service center to obtain proper advice and all the information you will need.


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