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Rent a car in Barcelona

rent car in barcelona

Since trains run frequently and are great options even for long trips, it is possible to travel with comfort using public transport in Spain. However, it certainly is not preferable to depend upon the public transportation schedule with its fluctuations for holidays, off-days, and numerous itineraries. The car rental process in Catalonia is simple and is not considered a luxury by most visitors.

  • The first thing most tourists need upon arrival in Barcelona is a transfer from the airport. A taxi to the center of Barcelona costs approximately 30 euros, although it is much cheaper in the long run to rent a car at the airport. Renting from Opel or Ford for three days will cost the same amount of money as the taxi. El Prat airport features representative offices of almost all the existing rental car agencies in Barcelona: the T1 terminal has one office for each company, while the T2 terminal hosts several offices. In order to rent a car at Barcelona airport, you will need to present your international passport, a driver’s license, and a banking card. It usually is best to reserve a car in advance online. Plus, this reservation is cheaper since you will not be charged for expediting the rental.

Do not forget about the rule for “young drivers” in Spain – if you are under 25 years old, the insurance will be slightly more expensive. The rest of the car rental requirements are standard: the driver must be older than 21 years of age, and the driving experience must exceed 1 year. There are two types of insurance: basic and “all-inclusive.” As a rule, the rental companies block a deposit in an amount starting at 200 euros as well as the maximum insurance sum in case of an accident. Later, this sum is reimbursed. When choosing the “all-inclusive” option, you pay 8-10 euros as insurance on a daily basis, and, in exchange, the company solves any problem you might encounter should the need arise.

  • Keep in mind the following extra expenses: it is normal to receive a car with a full tank of gasoline, so you will need to return it with a full tank as well. Gasoline 98 costs 1.34 euros/liter in Spain. Also, remember to consider the paid city parking lots. In “zona azul,” the parking costs 2-3 euros per hour and is regulated strictly. Paid parking lasts from 9:00 until 14:00 and from 16:00 until 20:00. In “zona verde” and “zona naranja,” the prices for parking are approximately the same, but if you are not a resident, you can leave a car only for a couple of hours on the weekdays, from 8:00 until 20:00.
  • Another issue to consider is other vehicles. Barcelona is the European city with the second highest concentration of motorcycles. Even if not serious, costly damage can be incurred from motorcycles. For example, an accidental touch by a passing motorcyclist or simply a small dent caused by a motorcycle wheel or a mirror when the car is parked in a lot are frequent problems in Spanish cities. For this reason, insurance agents tend to offer an additional insurance contract protecting you against overpayments.
  • It is also curious that vehicle mileage can constitute a reason for extra expenses. Many companies establish mileage limitations, and if you exceed the limit, you must pay extra. As a rule, it is almost impossible to exceed the limit if you are not planning to travel across the entire country. In any case, we recommend that you clarify any mileage issue beforehand.
  • Finally, the last expense you will encounter are the tolls, or paid highways. When travelling on the paid AP-7 highway, the distance from Girona to Barcelona will cost you approximately 9 euros; when driving from Barcelona to Valencia, 36 euros. When travelling on the C3 road from Barcelona to Montmelo, the cost is only about 2 euros.

Best car rental agencies in Barcelona

car rental agencies in Barcelona

The car rental agencies in Barcelona offer all the existing classes of cars, from A to D. Due to the massive tourist flow within the summer months, it is best to make reservations online. Many visitors take advantage of this service so that the car is sure to be available for the upcoming travel dates.

  • Avis, one of the most famous car rental agencies with a global reputation, is extremely popular in Barcelona. Here, you can find a car of any class. Moreover, this company offers its clients special offers that hardly can be beaten by other car rental locations. For example, you are welcome to enjoy an 8-seat car at 18 euros per day or take advantage of 7 days of rental for the price of 5 days. Additionally, the company offers some incredible packages, such as a “one-way” tariff that enables you to rent a car for a trip to Madrid, Galicia, or Bilbao at 2 euros per day. Moreover, if your rental period with Avis exceeds 1 month, the fee is calculated at a special, discounted rate.
  • Another famous company, Europcar, always announces special discounts at the end of the summer season. Beginning in September, the prices decrease, starting with a 30% discount and thereafter becoming even lower. Should you wish to rent a luxury car in Barcelona, you can rent it here as well. Europcar park features any option for those who want to travel in extravagant style with Alfa Romeos, classic convertibles, and new Renegade jeeps with tinted windows.
  • Centauro Rent-a-Car agency features convertibles, all kinds of minivans, spacious 9-seat minibuses, and any other option you might consider. This company is one of the pioneers in abandoning the deposit scheme and fund-blocking on clients’ banking accounts. Also, the company rarely sets limitations on mileage for rental cars.
  • If you are looking for a limousine, contact the companies Blai Limousines and Limousines Miramar, which also provide drivers. In case you want to rent a car with a driver in Barcelona, make sure to contact Espana Service. This company allows you to rent any car with a driver at a rate of 30 euros per hour. Additionally, Mercedes Benz C, E, and S-class are available at a price of 200 to 350 euros per 4 hours. Another option is to take advantage of Vito Car&Driver, the rentals at which consist solely of Mercedes Benz in all the existing models. There also is an option to book a tour to any park in Barcelona or around selected city landmarks.

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