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Dental Implants in Barcelona, Spain

dental implants barcelona

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is attached to the jaw and serves as the root for an artificial tooth. Once a dental implant is fully integrated into the bone tissue, the orthopedic dentist places a dental crown or fixed bridge over it. Dental implants in Barcelona are installed to replace one or more teeth in such a way that they function in the same way as natural teeth. As a result of this minimally invasive procedure, the patient acquires new, properly located, stable, functional, and robust teeth.

There are several types of dental implants, but depending on the type of installation, implants are further divided into endosteal (implanted in the bone) and subperiosteal (fixed onto the bone). In the first case, dental surgeon inserts the implant into the bone tissue. Root implants are the most common version of endosteal implants; these can be installed on both upper and lower jaws and are used for both single tooth replacement and full dentition. Depending on the space to be filled, blades, cylinders, or screws are possible shapes for the implants.

By contrast,subperiosteal (subacus) implant is installed between the periosteum and bone. Such implantation can be installed, for example, if the tooth was already long absent or in case of elderly patient treatments.

The installation of dental implants is rather an expensive procedure. The cost of dental implants in Barcelona starts at about 550 euros for a single implant and varies depending on the method of installation, material used, and the complexity of the procedure. Therefore, many clinics offer various payment options, including insurance coverage for implants, up to thirty months of payment by installments, loans for treatment, discounts for full payment in advance, and other possibilities.

The annual list of the most popular and advanced clinics specializing in dental implants in Barcelona, Spain includes the following medical institutions.

IMOI (Instituto Mediterraneo de Odontologia e Implantologia)

Dental office in IMOI

Reception desk of IMOI


This clinic offers a wide range of implant installation services, prosthetics, and free primary diagnostics. During treatments, a minimally invasive method is applied to practically all dental procedures. The team of highly qualified professionals includes dentists, surgeons, anesthetists, osteopaths, and oral hygiene specialists. The cost of dental implants before installation starts at 250 euros.

  • Address: С/Pau Clarís, 136, bajos, 08009 Barcelona.
  • Website: www.imoi.es

Abaden Dental Group

Entrance in Abaden Dental Group

Office of Abaden Dental


This group includes several dental clinics that offer implantology, aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, and prosthetics services. The group has more than 30 years of experience in dental implant installation in Barcelona, Girona, and Tarragona. When it comes to treatment, normally the TTFA (Teeth Today Full Arch) method is used, which allows full rehabilitation of the oral cavity in the duration of one four-hour visit. The clinic also uses a special sedation method as a safe way to reduce pain during the surgical process.

Centre Quirurgic Maresme

Reception desk of CQM Dental

Surgery room in CQM


This private hospital offers surgical treatment in orthopedics, urology, general surgery, plastic and aesthetic surgery, digestive system procedures, and dentistry. The cost of dental implants is about 1,200 euros. The hospital also accepts private dental insurance.

The British Dental Clinic

English-speaking, highly qualified dentists provide all types of dental services, including orthodontics and implants. The clinic offers a 24-hour doctor on duty service in case of emergency.

Clinica Dental Barcelona Grup Dr. Blade

This group includes several clinics that provide many dental care services. The group has more than 25 years of experience in dental implants in Barcelona. In addition to 24-hour emergency assistance, the clinic offers a special insurance program for dental implant installation, which may reduce the cost of treatment.

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