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Dentists in Barcelona

dentist in Barcelona

Practically all dental services in Spain are provided by private dentists, and, as a general rule, patients must pay the full cost of their treatment. A small public dental service does exist; it operates in primary care units and is managed by each of the respective regional health institutions. All citizens have access to this service but only in emergency interventions, such as extractions or the prescription of antibiotics, although if necessary, patients can be referred to a dental surgeon. Private medical insurance companies, including Adeslas, Mapfre, and Sanitas, for instance, offer various dental programs that may discount the cost of treatment significantly, although full coverage is still not provided.

Which dental clinic in Barcelona one should select

The quality of dental services in Spanish clinics is quite high in comparison to dental clinics in Europe in general, and the cost of treatment in Spain can be significantly lower. For example, clinics in Barcelona, such as Clinica Dental Barcelona, Dentsalut Dental Clinic, Clinica Dental Sanz, and Pancko, are rated annually among the best clinics in the region. Practitioners here employ the latest methods of treatment, including ergonomic C8+ Twist, DAC professional sterilization systems, and digital x-rays to ensure that patients are exposed to only 10% of the radiation used in conventional x-rays.

dental clinic in Barcelona

Several clinics in Barcelona, including The British Dental Clinic, Deutsche ZK Clinic, and The Group Dr. Blade also offer their patients dental services in English as well as access to an emergency dentist on duty 24 hours, 7 days a week. The cost of an emergency appointment is about 75-100 euros.

When making an appointment at any of the clinics mentioned above, patients will be offered a free consultation, diagnostic services, and various options for treatment. The price for such dental services in Barcelona depends on the treatment required and ranges from 50-70 euros for standard tooth filling to 3000-4000 euros for orthodontics. Teeth whitening costs approximately 200-300 euros, veneers cost about 600 euros, root canal treatment starts at 300 euros, and implants begin at 550 euros.

It is possible to find more information on the best dentists, clinics, methods of treatment, and medical procedures in Barcelona on the Dentist Council of Spain’s web page. There you will find detailed information on dentists’ work experience and specializations, contact details, and patient reviews. For example, according to the 2016 review, the best dentists in Barcelona are Dr. Alistair Gallagher from The British Dental Clinic, Dr. Fco. Javier Molins from Clínica Dental Molins, and Dra. Nuria Vallcorba Plana, director of Clínica Vallcorba.

The specialists from INEEDSpain service center will be glad to answer any question you might have and provide medical treatment in Barcelona. Please contact INEEDSpain’s office for consultations, information on business and life in Catalonia. Full contact details are available on the main web page.


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