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English Schools in Barcelona

british schools in barcelona

English schools in Barcelona are extremely popular among both Spanish citizens and foreigners who choose Spain as a permanent place of residence. Most of these schools use the program based on the British System of Education, the Cambridge Syllabus

In these schools, teaching is in the English language, with Spanish as the first foreign language of study. In some provinces, where another official language may exist, the regional language is also mandatory for students to learn. However, foreign students are usually exempt from studying it during their first years of school. In English schools in Barcelona, other foreign languages, primarily German and French, are also studied. As a result, graduates of these schools are fluent in at least three languages.

The studying process in the English schools of Barcelona follows high international standards and requires that a student work diligently. Private schools have a five-level system of education, beginning with primary school (for children 5-7 years) and continuing to the highest-level school (for children 16-18 years). One should prioritize his or her efforts in order to study at this type of school. The cost of study is relatively high and corresponds to the level of education, but the knowledge obtained is both fundamental and versatile. Additionally, the resulting British diploma of secondary (higher) education is highly esteemed in the world. Earning this type of diploma means a student has an increased chance of admission to the best universities in Spain and other countries.

Some English schools in Barcelona also hold the accreditation of the Ministry of Education of Spain, which enables these schools to issue two diplomas simultaneously, depending on the preferences of a student’s family: A-level and/or Spanish Bachillerato. The possibility to obtain the Spanish diploma is very important if the family plans for a child to study in a Spanish university.

Below is a list of the best British schools in Barcelona. If you are interested in studying in a British school, the “INEEDSpain” specialists will assist you not only in making the right decision, but also in preparing all the documents required for admission to the English school in Barcelona.

The British School of Barcelona

the british school of Barcelona

The school was founded in 1958 as the British-American school for the children of the American infantrymen whose ships were based in the port of Barcelona. When the American navy left the capital of Catalonia, the school continued its work. Throughout its existence, the school has undergone several reorganization periods. Its present state is a result of changes made in 1999, when the private school moved to a new building and received the new title of “British School of Barcelona.” More than fifty years of upstanding history have made this school one of the best private schools in Spain. The school is located near the beach zone, in one of the best suburbs of Barcelona. Students between 3-18 years may study in this school. Upon graduating, students can receive English or Spanish diplomas.

The British School of Barcelona: www.britishschoolbarcelona.com

Private English School in Barcelona: Kensington School

kensington school in barcelona

This famous English school in Barcelona is located in Pedralbes, the most prestigious district of Barcelona. Founded in 1966, the school is considered to be one of the oldest English schools in Barcelona. In 1988, the private school moved to a new building that was solemnly inaugurated in the presence of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The school history began with a small group of secondary school students. Nowadays, 260 students of different nationalities and ranging from 3-18 years study in this school. Potential students are admitted according to a strict selection process. Because the school does not issue the Spanish diploma, the majority of the students are children of foreign families who later plan to study abroad.

Official website of Kensington School: www.kensingtonschoolbcn.com

Private English School: British College of Gava

british school of gava

This new English school opened in 2015. Its opening is a result of the increased demand for the English system of education in Barcelona, as the above-mentioned British School of Barcelona and Kensington School could not cope with the number of students desiring to register. The school is located 20 km from Barcelona, in the small town of Gava. Today, the school offers programs for primary and secondary school students. Gradually, the institution plans to include classes for senior level groups as well. The number of students in the primary and secondary level classes does not exceed 25 persons. Upon graduating, the children receive either an English or Spanish diploma.

Official website of British College of Gava: www.britishcollegegava.com

Private English School: St. George School of Barcelona

st.george's school in barcelona

Although this is another new English school, it is located inside the city. It is a member of a famous group of English schools, all called “St. George School,” that are located in several Spanish cities. The school is also unique in that the curriculum focuses primarily on communication and art. The classes are composed of small groups, which, in turn, guarantees an individualized approach for every student. Similar to the English school in Gava, the school currently only offers programs for students of primary and secondary levels, but in the future will include classes for senior level programs as well.

Official website of St. George School of Barcelona: www.stgeorgeschool.es

Call us at the phone numbers indicated on the website, and we will gladly help you prepare all the documents necessary for your child to earn admission into one of the English schools of Barcelona.


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