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Family holidays in Barcelona

family holidays in barcelona

Very often, we plan our vacations with the purpose of showing our family members new and interesting places and experiences. Children are always excited to embark on adventures, look forward to upcoming trips, and explore new lands, especially if the entertainment list includes sweets, attraction parks, and contact with animals. We will by no means restrict our references to the famous park, PortAventura, for in addition to this popular amusement complex, you can choose among a myriad of interesting options for the whole family’s leisure time.


The Barcelona Zoo is located conveniently in the heart of the city, next to Parc de la Ciutadella (tel. +34 937 065 656). Founded in 1982, the zoo is home to a variety of fauna, including mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles. There are so many attractions here that families can plan to spend several hours observing the animals’ daily routines in the zoo’s representative environment. Moreover, this excursion is one of the best options for a cheap family holiday in Barcelona, Spain. (An adult ticket costs 21.40 euros, and a child’s ticket is only 12.95 euros; there is no fee for children under 3 years of age.)

Museums and parks

Park Guell in Barcelona

Park Laberint d'Horta

One of the halls in CosmoCaixa museum


In terms of the sheer number of museums and green zones present, Barcelona can compete with any world capital. Parks provide one of the best options for family holidays in Barcelona. No other city boasts such unique parks as the famous Güell park, with buildings and galleries also created by the world-famous Gaudi, or Laberint d’Horta, which features classical English landscapes. Even Parc de la Ciutadella, which was designed in a style similar to that of the vast majority of European parks, is sure to surprise you with the majestic arch created by Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas and crowned by the golden quadriga. The remarkable tranquility of the pond, with rows of boats and catamarans scattered across the water’s surface, adds to the blissful atmosphere of the park. Every park in Barcelona has many attractions to offer its visitors. Moreover, it is always fun and relaxing to spend time together as a family in one of the numerous cafes on the park grounds after visiting the park.

Of all the museums in the city, CosmoCaixa is probably the most interesting for kids (Carrer d'Isaac Newton, 26, +34 932 12 60 50). This museum provides a true scientific adventure. Here, you will witness many devices that demonstrate the laws of physics in action: an Archimedean tank, Foucault's pendulum, inertia wheels, models of Brownian particle motion, and many other curiosities that can be of interest to young scientists or future experimenters in the scientific lab. Additionally, the geological wall is really impressive, revealing the internal structure of the Earth. The swamp forest provides a reconstruction of the Amazon jungle zones, and the planetarium is sure to amuse young astronomy lovers. As a rule, the part of the museum where everything can be touched is the most popular among small guests. Of course, we have to mention one more major spot for family leisure time in Barcelona – the Museum of Chocolate. Every small visitor likes to explore how his or her favorite sweet treat is made.

Shows and master classes

master classes in barcelona

If you are interested in showing your children how the world looked before the existence of Marvel comics, superheroes, 3D-movies, and computer games, take them to a show at the puppet theatre, La Puntual (Carrer de l'Allada-Vermell, 15). Gorgeous wooden dolls created in a classical style and some fantastic creatures narrate moving stories for young viewers that incite enthusiasm throughout the audience. For example, the story of St. George, a princess, and a dragon or the touching relationship between a man and a dog will definitely contribute to this singular sensory experience. Kids with a great deal of energy should visit El Cau, the best place for super-active kids in Barcelona (Villarroel, 237, +34 93 700 44 67). This is a center for children’s creativity that offers master classes in dancing, painting, crafts, and theatrical arts. Alternatively, children can simply play on their own here and climb the wooden labyrinths, and you can attend a seminar on psychomotor skills.

El Cau boasts a very convenient location in the city center in Eixample. Another option is to enjoy Mozart’s “The Magic Flute,” as adapted for kids and offered by the Eixample Theater (Carrer d'Aragó, 140, +34 936 81 61 32). Both children and adults will fall in love with the extraordinary story of the magic forest, Prince Tamino, and Princess Pamina, set to the music of the great classical composer. The same theater features the educational show, “Magia Family,” another wonderful choice for the whole family. Tricks, magic, moving objects, and audience participation throughout the show are highly appreciated among attendees in Barcelona. There is no doubt that you will love these performances as well.

Excursions, attractions, and sports

In aquarium of Barcelona

Amusement park PortAventura


The Aquarium of Barcelona is the first place you should visit with the youngest members of your family (Moll d'Espanya del Port Vell, +34 932 21 74 74). The aquarium is a paradise for those who love the underwater world and those interested in the lives of sea-dwelling creatures. There are plenty of attractions to observe here, including 35 aquariums and more than 11,000 species of fish under the glass dome. In addition, visitors should pay a visit to PortAventura, one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. Along with Ferrari races and American roller coasters, this place will offer you a variety of surprising and unique attractions. This globally famous park is not the only place in Barcelona that offers active leisure activities, however. If you are in urgent need of physical activity, the whole family should go to Bosque Urbano (Parc del Forum, +34 931 17 34 26), where all of your family members will have the chance to travel along rope and wooden mazes hanging high off the ground. Another option is to go sledding in Parc de la Solidaritat. This unusual activity is popular among fans of sports such as downhill sledding and snow saucer sledding.

If you prefer a luxury style for your family holiday in Barcelona, Spain, the best option would be to rent a yacht for the whole family and forget all of your worries by entrusting the work to the waiter, cook, babysitter, bodyguard, and entertainer’s services on board. A yacht can moor in the port at any time you decide to walk around the city. Together, you and your children can try all kinds of watersports or go fishing. It is also magnificent to organize a dinner on deck and then admire the sunset.

The beach

beach in barcelona

If you would like to experience the joy of a beach vacation, it is a great idea to head to Badalona, where the beach quality is much higher and there are not so many tourists as in Barcelona. If you are interested in sports, you may prefer to stay in the city: surf-centers and yoga schools, yacht rental and entertainment of all kind, as well as numerous cafes and restaurants all exist in abundance here. In spite of the vast number of tourists, family holidays on the beaches of Barcelona offer many pleasant bonuses and alternatives to enjoy. There are sports zones, volleyball courts, and playgrounds on the beaches in Barcelona, and it is pleasant to ride a bicycle along the city’s sea promenade. Moreover, next to the waterfront, plenty of bars are available, in which children can always find a meal or snack and parents will be offered a cocktail. In this area, you will find many instructors and schools for watersports. As a result, both beginners and experts can be sure to find the right equipment and appropriate instructor.

There is no need to feel stressed about the organization of your trip. Instead, you can focus of your family’s needs and interests by taking advantage of the services of “INEEDSpain.” We are happy to help you organize your vacation and leisure time, find the most fitting options for your family, and design an ideal schedule of events just for you.


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