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Flight information in El Prat airport

flight information barcelona

Flight status information in Barcelona normally can be accessed via the El Prat airport website. On www.barcelona-airport.com you can find the weather forecast, study the airport map and flight schedule, and peruse key information about the airline carriers and terminals from which the flights depart. When you have accessed the airport webpage, just enter your flight number in the “Flights in Real Time” field on the left part of the page, and you will receive the flight status details right away. Versions of the webpage are available in other languages as well.

El Prat is designed with great convenience; it includes one Terminal 1 building and three Terminal 2 buildings - Т2А, Т2В, and Т2С. As a rule, Terminal 2 is used for local flights and low-cost air carriers. There is a four-kilometer distance between T1 and T2. Thus, in order to move from one terminal to another, it is necessary to take a shuttle bus. The buildings of T2 are located very close to each other, and it takes approximately 5 minutes to move among them. Travelers can obtain all the necessary information at the information desks found in Т2В and Т1. However, it is best to remember that the information desks are closed during national holidays, such as the 25th of December and the 1st of January.

flight departure information barcelona

Flight arrival information for the Barcelona airport is always shown on the display inside the airport building. Displays can be found all over the airport, and the information is continually updated. In T1 alone, there are around 166 displays showing the current schedule. When waiting for the arrivals, it is a good idea to check the schedule online as well. Once you arrive at Barcelona airport, you will find all the flight arrival information on the electronic displays at the entrance. Keep in mind that the check-in and registration period for international flights starts 2 hours and 30 minutes prior to departure and concludes 40 minutes before the flight is scheduled to depart. Very often, passing customs control turns into a rather long process, and during the “hot season” there are long lines for passport control. For this reason, in order to avoid being late, you should plan your time frame accordingly.

Aena general information hotline provides more complete information pertaining to the operation of all the Spanish airports. For calls inside Spain, the phone number is +34 90 240 4704, and for international calls, dial +34 91 321 1000. Via the Aena website, you can obtain information on all 145 flights carried out through El Prat or contact the airlines directly. Moreover, on www.aena.es, you can download the airport’s interactive map and pinpoint the locations of information desks and the main displays posting flight information in El Prat Barcelona airport.

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