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Parking in Barcelona

Parking in Barcelona

Car travelers also should remember that Barcelona is the touristic center of Catalonia and is a very popular destination at any time of year. For this reason, parking in Barcelona requires an entirely rational approach as well as some preliminary planning measures. The close study of an interactive city parking map is sure to be helpful when you want to find a parking lot in a district you are interested in visiting, compare lot prices, and reserve a parking space in advance.

If you plan to stay in the historical center of Barcelona next to Plaza Catalunya or La Rambla, it is a great idea to find a parking lot online and pay for your space ahead of time. In this way, you will be guaranteed to find a parking space in lots that are in great demand both on weekends and weekdays.

Parking zones in Barcelona

Parking zones in Barcelona

Parking zones vary depending on the remoteness from the city center and the price policy. On average, it costs about 2.50-3.50 euros per hour to park in the central city districts. Again, the specific parking price will depend on the type of parking, the location, and the availability of long-term rental discounts in the area. Roofed parking lots with 24/7 surveillance are more expensive and, of course, the most reliable. Should you travel by car with foreign license plates, it is highly recommended to leave the car in enclosed parking lots only and to lock the doors of the vehicle when parking within the city limits even for a short period of time.

There are also special parking lots that show the price per day for car parking. On average, such parking lots (BSM or NN in Zona Franca) charge from 7 euros to 10 euros per day. Drivers will find a large parking lot near Estació del Nord bus station that is extremely popular among locals and tourists alike. This parking lot lies right next to the metro station. Therefore, you can move around the city with ease after leaving your vehicle in this lot, which features round-the-clock security services. The Estació del Nord bus station is located at the intersection of Carrer de Napols and Av de Vilanova.

Parking in the airport of Barcelona

It is available in both terminals, T1 and T2 (which includes T2A, T2B and T2C). Each terminal features its own parking lot, and the specially assigned space for long-term parking is located in between the terminals. Terminal 1 offers its visitors a 9-story roofed parking garage with the capacity for 500 cars in each of the 12 lots. 7600 of the parking spaces are located outdoors, but all the entrances and exits are under the constant surveillance of the lot security service.

Parking in the airport of Barcelona

When entering a parking lot, a special device issues you a parking ticket that should be kept for the whole duration of your vehicle’s stay there. You pay for the parking services at the automatic ticket machine upon exiting the parking lot. These ticket-issuing devices are found in all the available parking spaces at the airport, as well as on the grounds of the closed parking garages and lots. The menu for paying the parking machines is available in Spanish, Catalan, English, German, French, and Italian. Please, keep in mind that the payment machines that accept cards are located in a specially-designated area.

The majority of payment terminals accept coins and bills in increments of 5, 10, 20, and 50 euros and return the change. In addition, drivers should remember that it is possible to make a payment exceeding 90.00 euros only at one of the two information desks in the airport parking lots. The parking payment machines designed for payments with a plastic card do not allow you to make a payment that exceeds 90 euros.

The spots for long-term parking are situated along the 4-kilometer road connecting terminals 1 and 2. This parking space lies 2 kilometers away from both terminals. Here, guests are welcome to take advantage of a special, free shuttle that circulates among the long-term parking area and terminals 1 and 2. The average price per day for a period of fewer than 4 days is approximately 16 euros.

The Barcelona airport offers a separate and private VIP-parking feature made up of small parking lots located directly in front of each terminal. These parking spaces are guarded round the clock and guarantee video surveillance monitored and enforced by a private company. Moreover, this VIP-parking place provides car wash services, interior car cleaning, and fueling. All these services are included in the car storage contract signed duly by the VIP-parking lot and the premium class passengers who travel with Iberia, British Airways, Tap, Lufthansa, and Air Europa. The information desk for the VIP-parking is between the buildings of T2B and T2C.

Additionally, it is important not to forget that if you leave a car in the wrong place, it is quite likely that you will incur a fine or the vehicle will be towed. You might not find your car where you left it, even if you walked away for only 15 minutes.

Recovery vehicles in Barcelona work very efficiently and rapidly, meaning that any car left unattended will be towed away in a jiffy. Instead of the car, the driver is likely to find a yellow, plastic triangle with the phone number to contact upon discovering that the car has been towed. The operator at this phone number helps to locate towed cars. The operators speak Spanish, Catalan, English, and French. If you do not speak any of these languages and have had your car towed, another option is to send an email to the vehicle recovery service, although this procedure may take slightly longer to return the necessary information. In any case, an operator will provide the car’s impound address and the penalty sum information. At that point, it will be possible to go and retrieve the car. To pick up the car, you will need your passport/ID document and the car’s registration and documents with you. If you have rented your vehicle, it will be necessary to present the rental contract as well. It is possible to pay the towing penalty either by cash or by card. The only matter left that can be rather frustrating is that, at times, the impound officers affix a sticker to the car’s windshield, in which case you will be unable to remove it without the help of special cleaning products.

The “INEEDSpain” service center is always ready to assist car enthusiasts in planning their adventures. We are also prepared to help in the search for a towed vehicle and to find and reserve your parking places in ample time before your upcoming journeys.


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