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What is a foreign identification number

NIE в Испании

Types of NIE

There are several types of NIE:

  • An NIE certificate can be issued if a foreigner arrives in Spain, not with the purpose of permanent residency, but with the aim of conducting economic activity in the territory of the Kingdom of Spain. The grounds for receiving this certificate may vary widely, from buying a house or a car to the foundation of a business, for example. One can apply for this document through the power of attorney. It is possible to apply for the certificate both in the applicant’s nearest Spanish consulate as well as in Spanish territory through the Migration Police Department.
  • An NIE card is another type of NIE that is issued to the citizens of non-EU countries. It is necessary to obtain the NIE card when one plans to live in Spain on a permanent basis, regardless of whether one obtains a residency permit with work authorization or without. The issuing process depends upon the residency type for which one applies. A special procedure is also available for students. Students who come to Spain to study for a period of longer that 180 days receive this NIE card as well.
  • The third type of NIE in Spain is a card for EU citizens. If an EU citizen is planning to stay in Spain for a period longer than 90 days, he or she will need to apply for this card. To receive this NIE, the EU citizen must visit the Foreign Affairs Police Department at the site of registration in Spain and apply for this number on site. The NIE card enables the EU citizen to apply for residency and work authorization in the territory of Spain (the only exception are citizens of Croatia, who must apply separately for work authorization).


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