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NIE certificate in Spain

ние в испании

What is an NIE

An NIE (Número de Identifación de Extranjero: Foreigner Identity Number) is an identification number assigned to a foreigner by Spanish migration authorities. It consists of 7 digits and 2 letters—one letter at the beginning and one at the end.

NIE Card

карточка ние в испании

Obtaining an NIE card is necessary for any foreign citizen who holds a residency permit in Spain or plans to stay in the country as a student during a time frame that exceeds 180 days. It is also necessary to obtain an NIE to conduct certain economic, professional, or social activities in Spain. Let’s discuss the second scenario in more detail.

Requirements for Obtaining an NIE

The procedure for obtaining an NIE in Spain is different for EU citizens than it is for non-EU citizens. These differences concern the deadlines, the necessary documents, and the migration police department. When staying in Spain legally, it is possible to request an NIE from the nearest department of migration officials. Also, it is possible to request an NIE in the Spanish consulate in the country of residence.

To obtain an NIE certificate in Spain, the recipient’s physical presence is not mandatory; it can be obtained by power of attorney granted in writing. In the document, the aim to obtain an NIE certificate must be specified.

How long does a Spanish NIE last

It is extremely important to remember that an NIE certificate, which is necessary to obtain an NIE card, is valid for only 90 days from the date of the certificate’s issuance. However, the number assigned is permanent. If the 90-day limit is about to expire, it is possible to prolong the certificate, and «INEEDSpain» is ready to assist you in this process.

НИЕ для граждан ЕС

NIE for EU citizens

EU citizens can come to live in Spain on a permanent basis without prior documentation. However, if an EU citizen plans to stay in Spain for a time frame that exceeds 90 days, an NIE certificate is necessary. It is of utmost importance to submit an application for an NIE before the 90-day limit has passed.


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