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How to invest in Spain- consultations by professionals

invest in spain

In spite of the recent economic crisis and the resulting recession, the Spanish economic growth indexes demonstrate better results than the average growth rates throughout the European Union and other large European countries. Aside from its resilience, another distinctive feature of the Spanish economy when compared with other countries is Spain’s minimal restrictions for direct foreign investments. Spain is included in the list of the top 9 countries with the most attractive climate for investments on a global level. Additionally, Spain is positioned as the # 14 country in terms of its GDP and is ranked the tenth largest exporter of commercial services in the world.

10 reasons to invest in Spain

  • Investments in Spain mean the possibility to obtain a residence permit for the applicant and his or her family;
  • Transparent tax policy and low tax rates exist for investors in Spain;
  • A modern legislative base regulates the process of investment in Spain;
  • The government provides legal protection for investments and investors;
  • There is a relatively low cost for investments in Spain;
  • Spain, the so-called ‘tourists’ Mecca,’ opens immense possibilities for the development of tourism, hotel, restaurant, transport, and recreation related businesses;
  • The service industry comprises 75% of the country’s economy;
  • The government offers full support for investors in Spain, including grants and long-term credits for business development;
  • Spain has a vast consumers’ market with high purchasing power (including over 46 million citizens, plus tourists, students, and other investors);
  • The labor market is highly qualified and relatively inexpensive.

Moreover, if we take into account the privileged geostrategic location of the country, Spanish investors gain access not only to the Spanish national market, but also to the markets of other European countries as well as the Near East, Northern Africa, and Latin America.

Ideas for investment in Spain

Ideas for investment in Spain

  • Purchase real estate objects (residential and commercial) in Spain of any style and in any price range, including townhouses, city mansions, apartments, beach houses, cottages, land plots, construction sites, hotels, sports complexes, commercial centers, agricultural and hunting grounds.
  • Purchase an already existing business: educational institutions (language schools, private schools, kindergartens, diving schools, horseback riding schools, etc.), construction and renovation businesses, companies involved in tourism, hotel and restaurant businesses, beauty parlors, transport companies, spa centers, wineries, private medical centers, real estate agencies, design and printing studios, web-design companies, website development and promotion companies, Internet providers, service companies that install satellite antennas and air-conditioning, companies involved in computers, domestic appliances, and mobile phones or tablet repair services, etc.
  • Invest in the shares of Spanish companies and governmental debt securities.
  • Invest in large scientific and technical projects, such as renewable energy, biotechnologies, aerospace projects, automobile industry, ecology projects, and medicine, to name a few.

Investing in Spain – where to start

Investing in Spain

An investor’s possibilities and preferences define his or her goals for investment in Spain. Any wise investment in Spain is sure to bring revenues to its investor. For this reason, before investing, it is important to consider all the pros and cons of the deal you would like to make. Our professional consultants in the field of investment in Spain will help you make an estimate of your investment projects and their potential incomes. Our company provides full assistance to investors: starting from the initial consultation on taxation issues and the rules of business establishment, purchase, and administration in Spain, and ending with full legal support in the transaction, from selecting a relevant investment project to signing the contract. Our company guarantees exceptional professionalism and confidentiality. Write us, and our consultants in the field of investment in Spain will gladly assist you in choosing the right investment project that will return a profit in this magic Mediterranean country!


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