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Overview of the most popular mobile tariffs for tourists in Barcelona

mobile providers spain

Spain offers a good array of local mobile providers that will help you save on roaming, for the most part because each of the mobile companies organizes special promotions to attract new clients and offers its own bonus programs. After you choose a mobile phone number, you will be able to save the number even if you switch mobile operators in the future. As a result, this feature is sure to save you money.

It should be mentioned that the average mobile connection fee in Spain is high, and the selection of available options is not very broad. However, if you compare the prices with those in other European countries, the overall picture is not that bad. On the other hand, in Spain you can choose very convenient options if you only need to make calls or use Internet connection, as there is no need to pay for unnecessary services.

If your stay in Barcelona will not exceed a week, a prepaid tariff, or “prepago,” would be a great option for you, as would a Barcelona travel sim-card. Such services are provided by three operators: Happy movil, LlamaYa movil, and Lebara.

Happy movil features the special tariff “Ahorro,” with a minimal price per month of only 2 euros. This tariff offers international calls at 0.24 euros per minute and SMS at 0.54 euro. 1 GB of Internet traffic will cost you 9 euros. LlamaYa movil offers its tariff called “Maxi,” with calls at 0.2420 euros. Thus, calls to Russia or another country will cost you about 0.042 euros and SMS will cost about 0.1331 euros. By contrast, the Llebara operator does not have any special tariff offers, for all its calls are charged equally, at the price of 0.249 euros. Therefore, making a call to another country costs approximately 0.049 euros per minute with this provider. Additionally, there is a special fee for stationary phone calls of 0.01 euros per minute.

As a result, the monthly mobile service fee will be deducted automatically from your bank account. The Orange sim-card in Barcelona is probably the most popular mobile card option. This operator (which is a subdivision of the French company, Telecom) is extremely popular, not only because of its attractive prices, but also due to the high quality of the services provided. This mobile provider demonstrates the smallest number of complaints related to mobile connection quality. Plus, there are rarely any mistakes in its invoices (which can be a common problem with other Spanish mobile providers). Also, Orange has a virtual operator, “Symio,” which you connect yourself to get online. The only possible setback is that all sim-cards are delivered within 1-2 days.

mobile tariffs spain

Movistar and Vodafone (as well as Pepephone and Tuenty) also have virtual operators. The virtual option is much cheaper, easily paid for, and can be used in any other European country. The majority of the operators do not charge an extra fee for conversations in multiple E.U. countries. However, remember that this function should be activated at the time the purchase is made. Contracts with mobile operators are made for at least 6 months, but this option still makes sense if you travel a lot among European countries. On average, standard tariffs with Orange cost from 6 to 15 euros per month; Vodafone’s cost between 10 and 20 euros, and Yoigo and Movistar’s cost from 8 to 20 euros. The best mobile operator in Barcelona is usually narrowed down to one of the “big three.” It is true that Movistar, Vodafone, and Orange are different, but together these companies dominate the market and provide top-quality services. In conclusion, to choose one, simply study the tariff plans and choose the option that suits your needs in terms of price and quality.

Another possibility for active travellers is to purchase a sim-card for GlobalSim euro-roaming with a tariff of 0.09 euros per minute and 1 GB for 19 euros, or Orange Mundo at the price of 7 euros for 3 GB of mobile Internet. The TravelChat sim-card offers limitless communication across 75 countries worldwide at just 12 euros per year. This option is great for those who are always on the go.

You can buy a card in any of the retail stores for the operator you choose, many of which are scattered all over the city center. Another option is to buy a sim-card in the Barcelona airport upon arrival. At El Prat, you can find tobacco shops where the cards can be purchased. Also, you can buy mobile plans in Crystal Media Shop located in Terminal 1 and in the Tienda del Viajero in Terminals 1 and 2. Additionally, it is always possible to buy sim-cards from various operators in the tobacco shops located all over the city. The only question you will need to ask is whether they have the sim-card you need. Even the smallest kiosk called “Tabacos” can always help a tourist in search of connection options.

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