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Pompeu Fabra University

pompeu fabra university

Pompeu Fabra University is one of the youngest and most progressive state universities in Catalonia. Inaugurated 26 years ago in 1990, its youth has not hindered it from competing with the most prestigious and established universities in Barcelona. Its high academic standards, dynamic development, and tremendous international ambitions have allowed the school to become a force in its own right, placing the university near the top of lists for the best universities not only in Spain and in Europe, but also in the world arena. According to the influential Times Higher Education, Pompeu Fabra University is ranked highly among the most dynamic developing universities in the world.

So, what is unique about Pompeu Fabra University? The answer is, first of all, its high educational standards, focus on international cooperation, and complex teaching methodology. Due to the school’s numerous international projects and their successful implementation, the university was granted the “International Campus of Excellence” award by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Seven different schools, including a polytechic school, eight faculty departments, and three university-type institutes guarantee that the school works efficiently. The university has three modern campuses and a scientific research park as well. It also has affiliated study centers, such as Barcelona School of Management, ESCI-UPF (the international research school), ELISAVA (the school of design), TecnoCampus, and the university nursing care school (ESIM). As of today, 10,000 students attend Pompeu Fabra University.

Ranking of Pompeu Fabra University

pompeu fabra ranking

Numerous Spanish and international rankings have given high points to the university and its programs:

  • Ranking of Times Higher Education (2015): general ranking: 2nd position in Spain; 164th in the world, and 79th in Europe. In the ranking of the social sciences, the university holds the 67th postition in the world, the 1st in Spain, and the 19th in Europe;
  • U-Multirank ranking (2016): 12th position in Europe;
  • Shanghai university ranking (2015): among the 300 top universities;
  • U-Ranking (BBVA & Ivie Fund, 2016): the most productive university in Spain;
  • CyD ranking (2016): the most efficient university in Spain;
  • The ranking of the influential periodical, El Mundo (2016): 10 out of 15 Bachelor's programs of the university are included on the top-five list for Spain;
  • QS ranking (2015): for the social sciences, 119th in the world, and in the humanities, 235th;
  • Shanghai university ranking (2015) included Pompeu Fabra University in the list of top-150 universities in the world in the field of social sciences, in the top-75 universities in the world in the field of economics, and in the top-200 in the field of computer science.

Departments and Studying Programs at Pompeu Fabra University

Pompeu Fabra University offers 24 Bachelor's programs, including a double Bachelor's degree (41 programs, including the affiliated centers), 28 official Master's programs, 56 university Master's programs, and 9 Doctoral degree programs. All programs at the university have been adjusted to comply with the standards of the Single European Educational Space. The duration of the Bachelor's programs is up to 4 years, the Master's 1-2 years, and the Doctoral 3-4 years.

The university offers programs in three scientific fields: social sciences and humanities, health science and bioscience, and information and communications technologies. Classes and work are conducted in Spanish, Catalan, or English. Also, the university offers entirely English-speaking programs or bilingual programs. Those who are not fluent in Catalan can register for language courses or take advantage of the online self-study program.

pompeu fabra university departments

The Departments of Pompeu Fabra University are as follows:

  • Department of Experimental and Health Sciences;
  • Department of Political and Social Sciences;
  • Department of Law;
  • Department of Economics and Business;
  • Department of Humanities;
  • Department of Communication;
  • Department of Information and Communications Technologies;
  • Department of Translation and Language Sciences.

Cost of Studying at Pompeu Fabra University

The cost of studying is similar to the cost of other state universities in Spain, depending upon the educational cycle (Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D.), program language, program specifics, and the candidate's citizenship. Apart from these factors, the cost might be different for a person who enters the Bachelor's program at a special rate (such as higher pay for every credit), or based on the results of the Uniform State Exam (Selectividad). The managers of our program will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the best study programs, and will provide you with in-depth consultations concerning the cost of studying.

Main Building Address:

Plaça de la Mercè, 10-12

08002 Barcelona

The managers of our program will be glad to assist you in choosing the best study programs to suit your needs perfectly, and will consult with you about the cost of studying.


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