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MBA in Barcelona

mba barcelona

МВА (Master of Business Administration) is a program that prepares middle- and high-level managers for various business spheres. The first MBA programs appeared in the U.S.A. at the end of the 19th century, and by the beginning of the last century, the MBA had spread to Europe. The master's degree program is not a standard academic program but the degree that, apart from augmenting theoretical knowledge, enables a student to gain the unique practical skills indispensable to his or her professional preparation. The MBA curriculum is created in accordance with the newest trends of economics and business. Consequently, one can apply the acquired knowledge to actual, everyday business scenarios with ease. Pursuit of the MBA degree does not imply following fashionable trends—rather, it is a necessity. The MBA is essential for those trying to succeed in the constantly-changing world of modern business and the global economy.

There is as yet no consistent classification of the MBA programs, yet one can isolate the following differences in programs: МВА, Executive MBA (specially designed for top managers with extensive job experience), Global Executive MBA, Multinational, Part-Time MBA (for those balancing work and studies, for example).

Why pursue the MBA in Barcelona?

Barcelona is an important business center, not only in Spain and Europe, but also in the world arena. It is a symbolic crossroads connecting different continents: Europe, the Americas, and Africa. According to numerous international reviewers, the capital of Catalonia is among the top cities in which to live and develop a business. The Financial Times, a top publisher, maintains that Barcelona holds the third position in Europe in terms of business development, each year attracting more foreign capital.

business schools in Barcelona

Moreover, Barcelona is considered to be one of the best cities for students to enjoy their years in school. In this city, one can find the leading Spanish universities and international business schools (which, in turn, attract the best professors from all over the world). All of the factors mentioned above allow Barcelona to mingle business and academic aspects of life harmoniously, thereby creating a unique microclimate ideally suited to pursuing the MBA. Furthermore, studying in Barcelona opens up incredible opportunities for strengthening one’s social capital. This type of capital is a key element in the business world, since economic recessions cannot affect social capital, and, when used appropriately, it can be a valuable resource for obtaining business connections and benefits in the future.

MBA in Barcelona – how to choose the program

Both state and private schools offer MBA programs in Barcelona. At first glance, all programs and schools look the same; therefore, it might be a real challenge to choose one school from an extensive list of institutions. One can facilitate the process of selection significantly by analyzing the expectations of each program rather than the program itself. The MBA is an elite program aimed at serious and ambitious managers. For this reason, it might not be a good option for those who are still pondering their career plans.

mba in barcelona

Should you be confident about your potential, goals, and possibilities, we offer you the following tips that, hopefully, can help you to choose the right MBA program:

  • Study the history of the school—when it was founded, what its current rating is—and investigate whether the business majors are key features in the school’s curriculum. The rating of a school is not an absolute marker of its quality, although it is created to determine quality based on evaluation criteria. By studying these criteria in more detail, one can form a personal opinion about the school. Many years of history of a university showcase the trustworthiness of the institution; however, recently created schools often are more creative, use top-notch teaching methods, and follow the philosophy of taking an individual approach for each student.
  • The languages of teaching are Spanish, English, or bilingual. Choose the option that works better for you.
  • Study the program’s curriculum and the teaching methodology: some programs offer a great variety of mandatory courses and are meant for those who want to obtain versatile knowledge on different subjects. The programs with a narrower spectrum of mandatory courses guarantee the in-depth study of more specific spheres of business activities and are the ideal option for students who choose to become experts in a certain field.
  • Consider the extra opportunities a school might offer: internship programs, exchange programs, an opportunity to study simultaneously in several universities located in different countries and on different continents. These features will surely grant you the valuable international experience crucial for those planning to work in multinational corporations and networking companies.
  • Become familiar with the financial side of the program: compare the programs' costs for business school and study the payment policies, deadlines, and financial aid opportunities. Sometimes, a more costly program helps save money. Many business schools offer the best students discounts for the MBA programs in Barcelona. Grants, scholarships, and student credits are available for outstanding students as well. In practice, the money spent on studies can be paid off very quickly and can even bring some dividends.
  • Compare the schools’ requirements of the candidates: job experience (job experience requirements may vary depending on the program, and, on average, constitute between 2 and 15 years), promotions, knowledge of foreign languages, letters of recommendation, outstanding analytic skills, university degrees, academic excellence, and candidate testing (in-school tests or GMAT).
  • Compare data on the employment of graduates from different schools garnered from potential employers. This information will indicate the potential job prospects for graduates who have obtained their MBA degrees in Barcelona.

We recommend that you read the article, Business Schools of Barcelona, in order to choose the best option for you to pursue the MBA degree in Barcelona.

The facts contained above cover only some parts of the information one needs to know about the MBA programs in Barcelona. The experienced managers at our service center “I NEED SPAIN” are always ready to assist you in selecting a school or a program and in preparing all the documents necessary for admission to the MBA program. Call us at the phone numbers indicated on the web page! We will help you solve all your problems with the documents, admission, visa issues, and accommodation on your way to obtaining the MBA degree in Barcelona!


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