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Property rental in Barcelona

rental property barcelona

As in any other popular location, it is a real challenge to find a highly qualified and honest real estate agent in Barcelona. Recently, this type of business has become exceedingly popular in Spain. As a result, Spain has seen a dramatic growth in the numbers of agencies and private entities offering their services in this field. It is clear that it is becoming even more difficult to make an informed choice among the numerous options available; consequently, it is easy to fall victim to a dishonest real estate agent or even real estate scams, and there is the risk of overpayment to consider as well. For this reason, potential renters should contact reliable companies, preferably those with faultless reputations that have acquired a good name on the rental property market.

Through all its years of activity, INEEDSpain company has received only positive feedback from its clients in the search for rental property in Barcelona.

The major concepts of our activities in this sector can be described as follows:

  • First of all, it should be mentioned that our company is not a real estate agency in the traditional sense of this word. INEEDSpain is a multi-faceted service center that, among many other services, provides real estate agents’ services in Barcelona, Spain. This particular feature is one among our numerous offers on the market. Our search mechanism for real estate property takes on the following characteristics: since we do not have access to a personal database (in contrast to real estate agencies with narrower specialties), we conduct our search entirely via open sources, such as publicly available databases, Internet portals, and private advertisements.
  • When searching for available rental property in Barcelona, we get in touch directly with the property owners. We are also responsible for the property’s preliminary inspection (in order to verify the validity of the data presented by the owner) as well as the signing of the rental contract in the future. Our professional lawyers with specializations in various fields of law deal with these issues.
  • The experts of INEEDSpain provide full assistance in the process of property selection for renters. Moreover, our real estate agents always are ready to provide all the necessary information and consultations as well as explain the nuances our clients should be aware of when searching for a property to rent. Our experts are here to help a client choose the best option, depending on his or her preferences and budget. Such an individual approach ensures the efficient and rapid selection of rental property, especially for long-term rentals. As a result, both the property owner and client are content with the terms of the agreement.
  • On filtering out offers on the market, we build a pool of reliable rentals that match our clients’ demands to the fullest (this list, on average, consists of 15 options for each client). Later on, our company carries out more in-depth operations concerning the property chosen by the client.
  • INEEDSpain works with various clients’ demands. Thus, we deal with different types of cases, from rental property selection for vacations to long-term rental agreements (of 2-3 years).
  • Taking into account that millions of people from around the world would like to find housing in one of the most popular tourists destinations, we are proud to facilitate the process of meeting our clients’ preferences and needs with English-speaking real estate agents.

Professional advantages of INEEDSpain’s real estate agents

real estate agent in barcelon

The process of renting property in Barcelona presupposes numerous details and even tricks of the trade that might appear to be quite challenging for a private person without the assistance of qualified consultants. Throughout its years of service, INEEDSpain has acquired the reputation of a reliable mediator due to several key advantages.

  • We understand and navigate efficiently all the existing sources on property available to the general public. Our search is global and rapid and is conducted with the highest quality. In this way, we expand the chances for success.
  • All our services in the sector of rental property selection are always customized based on the requirements of the particular client (e.g., budget, deadlines, objectives, special preferences for properties, client’s native language, and communication details).
  • We offer our clients a full “package of services” since it is crucial for clients to be provided with constant assistance throughout the term of the rental property search in Barcelona. We collaborate with competent legal experts who know how to create a contract according to the proper procedures. Hence, our experienced employees are always ready to provide a consultation in a difficult situation, even when a client might not yet know the best option for him or her.

In order to contact our company and obtain the assistance of specialists, please call or send us a message by e-mail, as indicated on the main page of the website.


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