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study spanish in spain

Do you dream of studying Spanish in Spain? In this case, we suggest that you consider the Spanish language courses in Barcelona, the location where you will be able to immerse yourself fully in the atmosphere of the Mediterranean city with its national and regional traditions, holidays, and unique cultural features.

The immense diversity of the Spanish language classes in Barcelona and high competition among the language schools in general has resulted in the establishment of a special price policy in Barcelona schools. As a result, the schools of this city are famous for their democratic prices, high efficiency and quality, diversity of pedagogical techniques, and their teachers’ exceptional professionalism.

Spanish language courses in Barcelona

Spanish language courses in Barcelona can be chosen to suit perfectly students of all ages, nationalities, and occupations. One can study Spanish in Barcelona in different programs, such as:

  • long-term courses up to 1 year;
  • short-term courses, starting at 1 week;
  • themed courses: business Spanish, business communication, Spanish for medical workers, teachers, and legal workers, preparation courses for future students, summer and vacation courses, Spanish language courses + Spanish literature, culture, traditions, flamenco classes and culinary arts, and DELE exam preparation courses;
  • individual classes and classes in groups.

When choosing Spanish language classes in Barcelona, we highly recommend that you check to ensure the language school has accreditation with the Cervantes Institute. This accreditation is a guarantee of high quality, and the accredited schools have a right to issue the official certificate upon completion of the language courses. Currently, 12 schools that offer Spanish language lessons in Barcelona have obtained this accreditation. Apart from checking on accreditation, it is a good idea to consider the location of a school and to compare the tuition fees of the Spanish language lessons in Barcelona offered by different schools.

language courses barcelona

Spanish language classes in Barcelona

Below, we offer you a list of the best schools offering Spanish language lessons in Barcelona.

Language school

Courses, tuition fees

Distinctive features

Speakeasy Language School

Over 15 types of language courses:

  • Spanish intensive course (20hours/week) – €119/week;
  • Super-intensive course (30hours/week) – €179/week;
  • Semi-intensive course (10hours/week) – €62 /week;
  • Evening course (6 hours /week) – €45/week;
  • Long-term course, up to 48 weeks – starting €83/week;
  • DELE exam preparation course, 4 weeks – €520.
  • Express-course – €624/ week;
  • Conversation course – starting at €39/week.
  • Convenient location in the heart of Barcelona;
  • Excellent price policy;
  • Efficient teaching techniques;
  • Weekly excursion and cultural entertainment program for the students;
  • Modern multimedia classrooms;
  • Small groups – maximum of 10 students;
  • International environment – students from all over the world;
  • Teachers are native speakers;
  • The classes start regularly every two weeks;
  • Certificate upon the completion of the course(s).

Academia Barcelona PLUS

Courses for adults and children:

  • Spanish for teenagers (14-18 years old) – from €545/week (classes, accommodation, meals, child care, leisure);
  • “Tour of Spain” program- from 2 weeks, a chance to travel (to Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga) and study, age – from 18 years old;
  • standard course (20 hours/week) – – €200/week without accommodation, – €455/ week studying + living with a family;
  • Intensive Spanish (30hours/week) – €270/ week without accommodation, €500 studying+ living with a family;
  • DELE exam preparation course, 8 weeks,€1180 without accommodation, €2460 studying + living with a family;
  • Long-term courses (20 hours/week) – €110/ week + school’s special offer: for every 5 weeks of courses, +1 as a gift.
  • Convenient location in the heart of Barcelona, in Barrio Gótico.
  • Accommodation options include: apartments, student residence, and living with a Spanish family;
  • Small groups – maximum 10 students;
  • Highly experienced teachers who are native speakers;
  • Efficient teaching techniques – the classes are held only in Spanish, from the very first day;
  • A great experience for learning Spanish as a foreigner;
  • Certificate upon the completion of the courses;
  • The school is a part of a prestigious network of Sprachcaffe language schools.

Olé Spanish school

The more weeks of courses you order, the lower the cost one week of the course will be:

  • Spanish intensive course (20hours/week) – € 138/week;
  • Semi-intensive course (10hours/week) – € 78 /week;
  • Evening course (4 hours /week) – € 120/month;
  • Individual lessons – € 35/ lesson.
  • The school is located in the center of Barcelona, in a green zone with bars and restaurants;
  • Courses for students of all levels – from beginners up to advanced Spanish learners;
  • Small groups of up to 8 students;
  • Cultural and entertainment program for the students;
  • Accommodation options: apartments or residence with a Spanish family;
  • Certificate upon the completion of the course(s);
  • Library with study materials for independent study;
  • Highly qualified team of teachers and administrative personnel.

Camino Barcelona Spanish language school

Wide selection of courses:

  • Spanish intensive course (20hours/week) – €155/week;
  • Super-intensive course (25hours/week) – €175/week;
  • Long-term course, up to 52 weeks – starting €130/week;
  • Spanish + salsa - €225/week;
  • Christmas course -  €195/ week;
  • DELE exam preparation course - 3 weeks, starting at €615.
  • Perfect school location, close to the most famous creations of Gaudi: La Pedrera and Casa Batlló;
  • Accommodation and meals at the school; different types of accommodation;
  • Small classes - 7-10 students;
  • Teachers are native speakers;
  • School has a private terrace with a chill-out zone on the roof of the school building;
  • Certificate upon the completion of the courses.

Don Quijote Spanish language school

Wide selection of course:

  • Spanish intensive course (20hours/week + 5 hours of culture classes) – €199/week; over 36 weeks - €159/week;
  • Christmas intensive Spanish course - 20 classes per week + entertainment events - €199/week;
  • Courses for students older than 50; 20 classes/ week + city excursions, dance classes, various cultural events, culinary master-classes, movies, seminars, and other activities - €298/week.
  • Courses for Spanish language teachers; 30 classes/week – €445/ week;
  • Culinary course in Spanish in Barcelona – 10 classes - €395/ 2weeks;
  • Spanish intensive course in Barcelona + internship (hotel business, restaurant business, tourism, trade, marketing, web-technologies, legal sector, architecture and design) – tuition fee information on request.
  • Individual approach to each student;
  • Perfect school location, close to Sagrada Familia;
  • Spacious, modern school building with 55 classrooms; general territory constitutes 2,600 m2;
  • Chill-out zones and a garden;
  • Large conference hall, parking for students, internet cafe, modern equipment;
  • Student dormitory in the school;
  • 30 years of experience teaching the Spanish language to foreigners;
  • Among other options are possibilities to live with a Spanish family with meals included, to live in a student residence, or to stay in a rented apartment.

Intensive Spanish course in Barcelona

study spanish barcelona

Doubtless, intensive Spanish language courses in Barcelona are the most popular option among students. All classes within these courses are conducted by native speakers, in Spanish only. With a studying load of 20-25 hours per week, students obtain a solid foundation of Spanish knowledge, and at the same time have enough time for relaxed communication, leisure activities, excursions, and entertainment. For these reasons, this type of course is considered to be the best and the most efficient when preparing, for instance, for admission to a Spanish university.

Our company collaborates with all licensed centers and will be glad to help you choose your ideals courses of any duration and academic load. Our experienced managers will select the Spanish lessons in Barcelona that meet all your needs and requirements. Contact us and we will book the best Spanish language courses in Barcelona exclusively for you.


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