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Studying in Spain for international students

international students spain

For international students, studying in Spain is more affordable than you might ever have imagined, and the majority of the universities in Spain have options for teaching in English. Studying in Spain presents a great opportunity for international students not only to pursue a prestigious, internationally recognized diploma and to enjoy the years spent as students in a multicultural environment on the Mediterranean coast, but also to acquire a taste of regional and co-national languages, such as Catalan, that recently have been used even more than Spanish in the studying process.

Studying in Spain in English is popular among many students, young scientists, and researchers. Thus, the capital of Catalonia consistently hosts international conferences, business meetings, and seminars dedicated to the future models of the world market development, ecology, and other crucial issues of the 21st century. Such events attract some of the best teachers from all over the world. Every year, an increasing number of outstanding researchers and scientists visit the universities of Barcelona in order to share their experience and knowledge with the international students who come to Spain to study from different corners of the world. All this creates a unique educational microclimate and makes the capital of Catalonia an ideal place for obtaining education in the English-speaking university programs in Spain.

Which schools in Spain offer education in English?

One can get a degree in the English language in Spain both in public and private schools, as well as in the numerous business schools. The most popular English-speaking universities in Spain are concentrated in Barcelona. The specialists of the «INEEDSpain» service center will be glad to help you choose an individual program of study in the English language in one of the universities or in a business school of Barcelona. For further questions, contact us on the phone numbers indicated on our webpage. As of today, the number of English-speaking programs is consistently increasing.

study in english in spain

The Spanish universities offering some programs in English have a great variety of courses and specially designed programs. One can also select the level, or cycle, of education: Bachelor’s, Master’s (including MBA programs), continuing education (qualification-upgrading) courses, postgraduate education, and even Doctoral programs.

You can become familiar with the English-speaking universities in Spain in our article «Universities in Spain for international students».

Which majors can one pursue in Spain in the English language?

English is a dominant language in many majors. It is of particularly crucial importance in the fields of international relations, diplomacy, tourism, economics, finances, education, science and technologies, computer technologies, medicine, journalism, mass media, marketing, and management. International students can choose a program in any area of specialization.

education in Spain for international students

English Master’s and Bachelor’s programs in Spain

  • International relations, business and culture;
  • Scientific technologies, engineering, and mathematics;
  • Business administration and management;
  • Tourism, restaurant, and hotel business;
  • Economics and economic analysis;
  • Preschool education and junior school;
  • Bioinformatics;
  • Genetics;
  • Nano-science and nanotechnologies;
  • Logistics and management;
  • Political science;
  • Telecommunications engineering;
  • МВА;
  • English philology.

The programs listed above are only some of a much larger selection of programs offered by the English-speaking universities of Spain.

How much does it cost to study in Spain in the English language for international students?

When one studies in Spain in the English language program, he or she surely pays less then when applying for the same program in English-speaking countries. Many English-speaking universities in Spain offer their students terrific deals – to obtain double diplomas that are issued jointly with British or American universities at the price of one diploma. The total cost depends on the university, specialization, and educational level, however. For instance, studying in the Bachelor’s program in Spain and majoring in such areas as business administration, English philology, and tourism would cost 1500-10,000 euros per year.

English Master’s programs in Spain in such specializations as bioinformatics, political science, MBA, tourism management, and hotel business, can cost 3500-14,000 euros per program.

The Doctoral program cost in the English-speaking universities in Spain constitutes about 750 euros per year.

International students who study in Spain in the English language programs have a great advantage – an opportunity to receive various scholarships, grants, paid industrial internships, and international scholarship programs for exchange students.

Studying in Spain enables international students to achieve a European diploma, which will be highly appreciated by potential employers in the future.

If you need a consultation to answer your questions related to education in Spain for international students, contact our company. Our specialists will be sure to help you through all the stages of admission. We will assist you in selecting a major, program of study, and university, as well as help you to prepare all the paperwork necessary for moving to Spain. Call us right now! With our help you will be able to gain admittance to a university and study in Spain in an English language program.


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