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Why study in Barcelona?

study in barcelona

Studying in Barcelona presents a perfect opportunity to combine an education with a vacation under the Mediterranean sun. Barcelona is an old educational center, the business heart of Spain, and the Spanish city that boasts the best universities with leading positions in the world rankings.

Best places to study in Barcelona

If you are still thinking about the best place to study in Barcelona, we recommend that you read the article, «Ranking of the Universities of Barcelona». You can find the full list of the universities of Barcelona here.

Studying in Barcelona for international students

Studying in Barcelona for international students is a chance to obtain the desirable European level of education, become acquainted with the rich culture of the country, and still feel at ease when living far away from the comfort of one’s homeland. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city; every year, more than 25 thousand foreign students visit this city.

study in barcelona for international students

Studying in Barcelona in English. Many famous universities offer English-speaking programs. A B2 level of the English language proficiency is sufficient for gaining entrance to the Bachelor’s or Master’s programs. The foreigners who need to brush up on their English can register for preliminary language refresher courses before entering the programs of their choice. Should you be interested in studying in Barcelona in the English language, we recommend that you look through the full list of universities available to foreign students in the article, «Studying in Spain for international students».

9 reasons why one should study in Barcelona

Why Barcelona is the best place to study abroad in Spain? There are several deciding factors:

Reason №1 to study in Barcelona: top universities

Barcelona is one of the oldest university cities in Europe. Many of the universities have a history that traces back 600 years or more. The best institutions cherish their ancient academic traditions, and the universities in Barcelona attract the best English-speaking specialists from all over the world.

According to the well-known QS Best Student Cities ranking, Barcelona holds position #37 for the quality of education and for the levels of its universities on the world stage.

Reason №2 to study in Barcelona: cost of studying

One of the key reasons international students choose Barcelona for their studies is its affordability. Despite the high prestige of the universities in Barcelona, the cost of studying there is considerably lower than in the majority of universities in large European cities. According to their analytic data, QS claims that the average cost of studying in Barcelona is 2500 euros, while the studying cost in England constitutes 15,000 euros, in Germany and France 9,000 euros, and in Switzerland 12,000 euros. The difference is enormous.

As for the studying cost and the affordability of city life, Barcelona holds position #16 in the QS ranking on the list including most major cities in the world.

Reason №3 to study in Barcelona: low living expenses

cost of studies barcelona

Even though those living in Barcelona enjoy a high quality of life, Barcelona is one of the most affordable cities in which to live. It is a great idea to study in Barcelona because the rental prices, utility fees, food expenses, medical services, and transportation fees are much lower than the average fees of other European cities.

  • Rent of a small apartment in Barcelona will cost 500-600 euros, rooms – 250 euros and up, and living on campus is even cheaper.
  • Medical insurance starts at 15 euros per month.
  • Transportation (for 1 month) is approximately 42-80 euros.
  • Meals cost 250 – 350 euros per month.

On average, the living expenses for a student constitute 720-1500 euros per month.

According to information from the QS ranking, Barcelona holds position #47 for quality of life and students’ comfort level.

Reason №4 to study in Barcelona: wide range of international programs for foreign students

Thousands of international students come to Barcelona, Spain, because the universities in this city offer a wide range of international programs in different fields: economics, business, history, engineering, political science, computer science, medicinal arts, cinematography, etc. Barcelona is also an important center for the arts in Europe; for this reason, the universities are designed to prepare specialists to succeed in these fields as designers, actors, architects, and others.

One should also note that the sphere of medicine is extremely developed in Spain – the majority of the best clinics in Spain are located in Catalonia. This explains not only the quality of education available in the field of medicine, but also the successful employment rates of students there.

Reason №5 to study in Barcelona: English programs

Among the most important reasons for choosing to study in Barcelona is the fact that the majority of the renowned universities and business schools in the city offer programs in English for international students. Thus, the students are not required to master their third foreign language before beginning the program; they can complete their subjects in English and practice their Spanish.

For those who want to become polyglots, they will naturally encounter an ideal opportunity to learn Spanish or Catalan, the 23rd most popular language in the world. Mastering Catalan helps to build a successful career in Barcelona, in other cities in Catalonia, and even in other countries, since over 11 million people speak this language.

Reason №6 to study in Barcelona: employment opportunities

career in barcelona

If you are planning not only to study in Barcelona, but also to stay here permanently, you surely will have opportunities to find a job, sign a contract, and build a successful career. Barcelona, the second largest city in the country and the largest tourist center, provides numerous employment opportunities for students during their period of studies or after graduation.

First of all, many universities of Barcelona have their own employment centers, and before the job search, they rationally evaluate the students’ possibilities and competence in their potential careers.

Second, the headquarters of many of the largest corporations and world companies are concentrated in Barcelona. According to Spanish legislation, a student is entitled to work 20 hours per week, which allows him or her to think about future employment options in advance. In this case, a student has an opportunity to combine studying with work, participate in an internship, and demonstrate himself or herself to be a valuable employee.

Reason №7 to study in Barcelona: business center of Spain

Barcelona is an important business center in Europe and the world and forms a symbolic intersection that connects different continents and attracts a huge flow of foreign capital. Numerous international rankings include the capital of Catalonia on the lists of top cities for life and business development. According to the prestigious periodical, Financial Times, Barcelona is the third country in Europe in terms of business development.

The capital of Catalonia constantly hosts international conferences, business meetings, and seminars in which participants discuss models for the future of the world market development, ecology, and other crucial topics of the 21st century. The above-mentioned features are also factors that attract some of the best teachers from all over the world to Barcelona.

Reason №8 to study in Barcelona: cosmopolitan spirit of the city

Due to numerous historical foundations, this port city is open to foreigners. The students are not an exception. Barcelona’s ideal location attracts people from all over the world. Local people’s positive attitude and hospitality as well as the racial diversity of the city’s residents are crucial factors when choosing Barcelona as a study destination.

Barcelona holds position #47 in the world ranking on the diversity and size of the student community.

Reason №9 to study in Barcelona: the sea and the sun

vacations barcelona

Studying in Barcelona can become a real pleasure if one can combine the studying process and vacations correctly. The sea, climate, and gorgeous beaches that provide the perfect conditions for extra-curricular activities in one’s free time, are only some of the decisive reasons international students choose Barcelona as an educational center. The city is famous for its interesting student life, numerous entertainment options, stunning landmarks, and both traditional and innovative gastronomy. When compared with other cities, all these factors ensure that Barcelona is a sure leader in many aspects of life.

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