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Mercado de Sants will be included in the list of ‘healthy food markets’

mercado de sants

Currently, Barcelona offers the following commercial spaces at affordable prices:La Llibertat, Les Corts, Lesseps, Sant Martí, la Concepció, Horta, and El Clot.

The project of ‘green markets’ was initiated by the Municipal Markets Institute of Barcelona (IMMB) in order to stimulate the consumption of affordable and nutritious food products, as well as to maintain a clean environment and avoid creating excess waste. For example, within the framework of this project, the government of Barcelona has conducted a campaign aimed at convincing city residents to use shopping baskets instead of plastic bags. This campaign included informative events to promote broader public awareness related to the issues of waste disposal. As a result, Barcelona managed to decrease its amounts of city-generated garbage from 22,106.20 tons in 2001 to12,946.16 tons in 2016.

Also, the city authorities have demonstrated the impressive results regarding the disposal of organic wastes, the volumes of which have shrunk from 6,346.70 tons in 2002 to 3,957.68 tons in 2016—that is, by 37.65%.


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