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All asbestos-containing materials to be removed from the Barcelona metro

asbestos in barcelona metro

Fundamental examinations are scheduled to take place soon in the metro of Barcelona. The metro interior will be inspected for the presence of asbestos, an element that is extremely dangerous to the respiratory system and airways. Should elements containing this hazardous substance be discovered, they will be replaced.

This work, with an allocated budget of 319,970 euros, is expected to be fulfilled within 18 months.

Several years ago, authorities conducted similar inspections meant to detect the presence of asbestos in the Barcelona metro system. It turned out that the harmful material was indeed present as a component of the asbestos cement slabs used as coating. “If there is no contact with another surface, asbestos cement does not emit any vapors. Hence, it does not present any danger to the metro workers and passengers,” the Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) reassures. Moreover, as TMB representatives claim, no train operating within the Barcelona metro system contains asbestos in its construction or finish.

Since 2002, the sale and use of asbestos has been prohibited in Spain.


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