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12 new trains to be introduced to four lines of the Barcelona metro

metro barcelona

Some of these trains will begin their operation as early as next year; four trains will be added to the L1, four to L5, two to L3, and another two to L4.

These trains come from the series 6000 and 5000 СAF, as well as 9000 Alstom, and accrue a total value of 92 million euros. The launch of these new trains is expected to improve the carrying capacity of the Barcelona metro system by 20%. Moreover, some changes to the current train schedule will be introduced as well. As a result, the new circulation frequency will be fewer than 3 minutes on lines L1, L3, and L5 and under 3.5 minutes on lines L2 and L4.

In 2017, Barcelona set a new record in the figures for public transportation use. An additional increase of 15% in the number of passengers taking the metro is anticipated over the next three years.

In addition, the city transportation authorities are considering further modernization and expansion of the bus system. During the period between January and March, 62 new buses with hybrid engines replaced old vehicles with diesel engines and were put into operation in the Catalonian capital. By 2019, the city expects to launch 253 new buses in Barcelona, including both tourist and public buses, with 66 of these to accommodate for the consistently growing passenger traffic.


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