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“North America,” “Chile,” and “Australia” to appear in the Barcelona zoo

barcelona zoo

The new zones may include wildlife from North America, Chile, Australia, and other areas, “the climates of which resemble the climate of Catalonia.” Rosi Carro, the ZOOXXI platform coordinator, has described these innovations in detail. Furthermore, Leonardo Anselmi, ZOOXXI platform press secretary, assures us that these plans have nothing to do with politics and have been developed based on residents’ initiatives. The platform was created in October and in a span of only months has become a serious alternative to the main strategy for zoo development.

ZOOXXI also points out that the zoo’s primary objective is the preservation of the endangered animals that inhabit the Mediterranean region. Accordingly, the platform has criticized the long-term, 10-year plans, offering, instead, to amend the development plan every four years.

ZOOXXI is a public and scientific platform dedicated to innovations and development in the field of zoology all over the world that links its research to the latest scientific studies in this discipline.

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