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In Barcelona the remains of the 1920’s working-class district will be eliminated

colonia castells

Founded in the 1920’s in Barcelona, the working-class district of Colònia Castells became a shelter for all the workers immigrating to Les Corts from all over Spain. Now, within the framework of the urbanization project,Plan Especial de Reforma Interior (PERI), the district is about to witness serious changes. The houses in this area are rather dilapidated and are also often homes to rats and insects. However, the residents face the upcoming relocation without enthusiasm, as leaving this area not only means changing the place they live, but also changing their way of life. “I’m not going to move from here,” says Rosa Almansa, the Residents’ Association Head. “They want us to relocate this summer? I haven’t seen the place where we will live after the relocation yet. Plus, I have no idea about their fees. I don’t care about their threats.”

According to Agusti Coloma, the district mayor, the cleared territory is meant to become a green zone with a total area of 10,000 square meters. The government plans to include the memory of the village that once existed here in the designs for the main concept of the park.


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