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New consumer protection establishment inaugurated in Barcelona

Espacio Consumo Responsible

The project Espacio Consumo Responsible forms part of a larger strategy meant to promote responsible consumption and to reevaluate consumption from different angles to change it into a pro-active component of the social and economic model.

The new establishment will be located in the renovated Palau Foronda. Moreover, consumer protection services will be available there also. Since 1983, the Municipal Office of Consumer Information (OMIC) has been releasing information on the aforementioned services. Espacio Consumo Responsible plans to contribute a new vision to the established field. Gradually, the organization expects to offer services that focus on collaboration with educational centers, societies, and companies as well.

In 2017, OMIC provided 20,082 consultations and viewed 6,509 complaints, of which half were resolved in the client’s favor and 1,090 were redirected to the Arbitration Consumer Court of Barcelona (JACB).


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