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Public schools of Barcelona to be repainted every six years

public schools

Overall, the initiative will include 160 educational establishments: 153 public schools, 2 special education centers, and 5 school institutes. As of now, 32 schools have been repainted. By the end of this year, the city plans to repaint another 25 schools, and local authorities estimate the repainting of 35 school buildings in 2019.

The objective of this program is to establish the parameters for a new color scheme across the educational institutions in Barcelona that will replace the colors normally used in this sector, those perceived as typical “children’s colors.” By contrast, the new colors and textures of the educational buildings will look much more natural, emphasizing the simplicity and comfort of the school premises. The color options will include “warm, home-like, tranquil colors” that transmit feelings of “comfort and welfare.” The project is aimed at improving the quality of the learning space for children and preserving this superb level of quality in the future.


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