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Improvements to Barcelona metro station Jaume I,Line 4 will conclude in 2019

jaime I metro barcelona

Jaume I metro station on Line 4 in Barcelona is about to witness great changes. Among other benefits, it will become more suitable for passengers with disabilities. Accordingly, both vestibules will be refurbished and two elevators will be constructed in the station. The vestibule facing l’Àngel square will now house the station head’s office. The staircases on Argenteria street will be replaced as well. Moreover, the train platforms willbe expanded in both directions so as to eliminate the current difference in height between the platform and the floor level of the trains.

As reported by the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat of Catalonia (El departamento de Territorio y Sostenibilidad de la Generalitat de Catalunya), the refurbishment of the station began on 12 June, and the process is scheduled to conclude by the summer of 2019. The total budget forthe improvement works constitutes 4 million euros.

According to the department’s data, 140 out of the 154 metro stations in Barcelona have been adjusted to meet the needs of people with disabilities. The rest of the stations are awaiting the realization of similar improvement projects.


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