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Old Barcelona church to be demolished for the sake of a local school expansion

church of Sant Bernat Calbó

The area currently occupied by the church will be added to the school grounds of Escuela La Mar Bella, and the construction work is scheduled to last approximately two years. The school already has situated new, temporary buildings for elementary classes on the terrace on Galceran i Marquet street that will remain in place until the construction of the new buildings is complete. The new buildings will host a multi-profile gym, a library, and a concert hall, all of which will be open to use by local residents as well.

The church of Sant Bernat Calbó is located between numbers 3 and 5 on Bernat Calbó square. The archbishopric of Barcelona had considered the possibility of converting the church into a convent for the French nuns of the sisterhood, Comunidad del Cordero, but this plan was declined in 2015. Instead, the church was purchased by the city authorities from the archbishopric of Barcelona at the price of 818,672 euros.

The demolition of the church building will cost the city council of Barcelona 60,000 euros, with the preliminary investments into the refurbishment of the whole zone and the erection of new buildings to reach 6 million euros. As Josep Maria Montaner, the District Head, has informed us, the demolition of the church and the construction of new educational buildings will complement the continued urbanization of the area.


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