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The park administration to install special signs on Paseig de las Aigües in the nature park of Collserola

Paseo de las Aigües

Overall, participants in a recent survey gave the park a positive evaluation, although some complained about inconveniences related to the use of bicycles.

In spite of the park administration’s ban, mountain biking is an extremely popular activity among visitors to Collserola park. Hence, survey participants have expressed their frustration over the conflicts that frequently arise between bicyclists and those who use the paths for jogging or walking. Moreover, mountain biking at high speeds puts the safety of the park’s other visitors at risk.

All of the aforementioned complaints and inconveniences have resulted in the park administration’s decision to introduce a new system of traffic signs, plans, and information bulletins that contain the safety regulations and advice for visitors to the park. These stations are expected to appear in the zones of Collserola where major facilities are concentrated as well as on the main routes in the park.


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