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Institute of the Arts Barcelona

Institute of the Arts Barcelona

Spain is a country of inspired dancers, playwrights, actors, and myriad cultural figures. Art has always been an indispensable part of Spanish life. For this reason, a degree in the artistic fields obtained in the home country of Almodóvar and Antonio Banderas is considered to be one of the most prestigious in the world.

Opened three years ago in the capital of Catalonia, the Institute of the Arts Barcelona is a private school that offers education in English in the fields of arts and culture. The concept of the institute was inspired by the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, which was founded with the help of Sir Paul McCartney. The school offers the following courses: acting, choreography, musical theatre, popular music, scenography, and arts management. Institute of the Arts Barcelona is the perfect place to earn a degree if you dream about learning from active professionals, performing on the best stages in the world, and becoming a stunning success in your career.

The University offers three studying cycles: year-long courses, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs. It is highly recommended that students pursue a cross-program degree because such an approach enables them to extend their artistic horizons and acquire new, valuable skills from other spheres that, in turn, might prove beneficial for future performances. The year-long programs are designed for students who are ready to study more rapidly and more intensively. In it, students acquire necessary skills for work on the stage as professional actors and dancers and for musical theatre.

Accreditation of the Institute of the Arts Barcelona

Institute of the Arts Barcelona

Institute of the Arts Barcelona has the accreditation of the British Council, which grants the university a prestigious status. Although it is relatively young, IAB already has managed to gain a good reputation in the art circles.

Professors at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona 

The professors at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona are an international team of professional teachers who have extensive experience in the spheres of art and culture. In addition to their academic work, the professors are active performers and cultural figures who have performance experience on some of the most famous world stages as well as teaching experience in acclaimed schools. They are directly connected to industry and to the executive arts, which allows them to use innovative approaches and to pass on their knowledge, unique artistic visions, and useful connections to the students for future reference.

Drew Mulligan, the Head of the Acting Department at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona is an actor, director, and a professor. In 2010, upon graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art with the MA degree, he began working as a director. Currently, he collaborates with the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Community.  

Professors at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona

The Head of the Musical Theatre Department, Nikki Laurence, has experience teaching in such famous schools as Arts Ed London, Mountview, LAMDA, Italia Conti, Urdang Academy, and London Studio Centre.

Jennifer Blake, the Head of the Dancing Department, has eight years of dancing experience in various dancing groups: Tampa Bay Ballet, Demetrius Klein Dance Company, X-Factor Dance Company, Wired Aerial Theatre, etc. She has received awards from “Liverpool, the cultural capital” organization, the Scottish Committee of the Arts, and the City Council of Edinburgh. She also has taught at U Arts Philadelphia, PA, USA; Jacksonville University, FL, USA; Liverpool John Moores University; Hope University; and Edinburgh’s Telford College, UK.

The Conservatory for the Executive Arts at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona

Institute of the Arts Barcelona

The Institute of the Arts Barcelona is located in a building created by Antoni Gaudí, a famous Catalonian architect. This building has a long, fascinating history and was constructed with the purpose of giving artists enough space for creation. After its restoration by the university, it became an ideal place for creative people. Here, there is a theatre with the capacity to house 200 people, modern dance studios, plenty of room for rehearsals, innovative music studios, as well as numerous cafes and relaxation spots.

Policlinic at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona

The health of the students at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona is a high priority for the school management. Here, qualified specialists will render assistance whenever necessary. The policlinic is equipped with top-notch technology and has everything necessary to render medical aid to the artists, particularly the dancers. The wide range of services available includes physiotherapy, various injury treatments, diagnostics, preventive care, etc.

Location of the Institute of the Arts Barcelona

The Institute of the Arts Barcelona is located in Sitges, a small town situated a half hour’s drive from the Barcelona city center. The town is famous for its rich cultural legacy. It is home to an amazing street carnival that is considered to be the largest in Europe. In this picturesque environment, one also encounters many museums and galleries, and every year a movie festival is held here. Students will surely fall in love with the vibrant nightlife of this coastal town.

Institute of the Arts Barcelona

In Sitges, the cost of living is relatively low in comparison with other European cities. Students will enjoy a wide range of accommodation options and beautiful, long beaches. The town has a well-developed infrastructure, so there are no problems with transport or medical aid. Due to the enormous popularity of Sitges as a resort area, employees of the banks, hospitals, and shops speak English.

Admission to the Institute of the Arts Barcelona

The admission procedure for the Institute of the Arts Barcelona is not complicated. First, the candidate completes an application that can be found on the university’s website. Then, he or she needs to choose the date of the audition offered in different programs. The audition (the initial hearing) is conducted several times per year in multiple cities all over the world.

If a student is not able to arrive on the date of the initial hearings, he or she needs to write to the university. Depending on the situation, it is possible to create an individual audition plan. The specialists of our service center can help you to accomplish this. Later on, the student should provide the payment fee for the audition.  

When the student arrives to audition at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona, he or she needs to bring a photo with a name and last name on the reverse side of the photo, as well as the documents testifying to his or her educational level at the moment of admission, such as diplomas, qualifications, and certificates. After a candidate has received the admission confirmation, he or she needs to inform the Institute of the Arts Barcelona about his or her plans to study there and pay the registration fee and the deposit.

In the case of applying for a Master's program, a candidate needs to pass an interview after the submission of the application and payment of the €50 fee. This date is set on an individual basis.

Cost of studying at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona

Institute of the Arts Barcelona

The following payment system is valid for all of the programs:

Document submission or audition €50 (4 days before the date of the audition)

Registration €350 (within a month after the admission date)

Pre-pay €2000

Institute of the Arts Barcelona offers a wide range of programs in the field of executive arts:

1. Year-long programs

  • For citizens of the EU and the EEA; for citizens of other nationalities
  • Acting €9950 €12500
  • Dancing €9950 €12500

Musical theatre €9950 €12500

2. Bachelor's programs

For citizens of the EU and the EEA; for citizens of other nationalities

  • Acting €9950/ year €14000/year
  • Dancing €9950/ year €14000/year
  • Musical theatre €9950/year €14000/year
  • Singing €9950/year €14000/year
  • Theatre creation €9950/year €14000/year (directors, screen writers, producers)

3. Master's programs

  • Acting €9950/year €14000/year
  • Dancing €9950/year €14000/year
  • Musical theatre €9950/year €14000/year
  • Theatre screenwriting €9950/year €14000/year

Scholarships for the Institute of the Arts Barcelona from Fundación Stellar

Despite the fact that scholarships are not a frequent possibility in Spain, the Institute of the Arts Barcelona collaborates with Fundación Stellar. Together they help talented, lower-income students to pay for their education. When submitting the documents for admission, the students who need financial aid must state this. After the Scholarship Committee considers every application, it sends the selected applications to the financial aid fund; the amount of each financial aid payment depends upon the individual situation.

Apart from this scholarship opportunity, should a student find him- or herself in a problematic financial situation, it is possible to address the university for help solving financial issues.

If you need help with the admission matters related to the universities in Barcelona and Spain, call «INEEDSpain» service center. Our specialists will help you prepare the documents you need for the university admission, as well as assist you in applying for the student visa, accommodation search, translation service, and apostille seal for the documents. Call us and we will help you!


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