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Autonomous University of Barcelona

autonomous university of barcelona

Autonomous University of Barcelona is a classic public university. One is able to earn the diplomas of all three cycles of the Spanish education system when studying in this university. These degrees include the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees, as well as various diplomas certifying the completion of continuing education courses (qualification upgrades) and post-graduate education. With good reason, The Autonomous University can be called the main university of Barcelona. This dynamically developing educational institution has great international ambitions that are already justified. For this reason, the university allows the students to study in the Spanish, English, and Catalan languages.

Autonomous University of Barcelona is a member of such international and national organizations as the European Universities Association (EUA), International University of Venecia (VIU), Conference of the Spanish Universities Rectors, and Network of the Universities of Juan Luis Víveres.

Autonomous University of Barcelona in numbers:

  • Number of students: 43,175
  • Number of teachers: 3,514
  • At this moment, 28,505 students study in 85 different Bachelor’s programs
  • The university offers 116 Master’s programs
  • 79 different doctoral programs
  • 57 departments and 220 research groups that encompass various scientific fields
  • The budget for the 2012-2013 academic year constituted 313.74 million euros
  • 57.07 million euros are allocated for research purposes
  • 12 Nobel Laureates have visited the university since its inauguration
  • The Autonomous University of Barcelona has signed 349 agreements with the purpose of realizing 58 European and 227 national projects, with a total cost of 9.7 million euros
  • 3 modern campuses, 12 thematic libraries, computer halls, laboratory classes, restaurants, university hotel complex, university medical center, dormitories, children’s center, sports complex with a developed infrastructure – everything is designed to facilitate the ideal studying process.

Autonomous University of Barcelona’s Ranking

In terms of teaching quality and research, the Autonomous University of Barcelona is considered to be one of the best and most prestigious universities, not only in the territory of Spain, but also abroad. In 2015, according to the influential Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, the university again was named the best university in Barcelona, with the second position in Spain, #76 in Europe, #156 in the world, #144 in Biomedicine, #392 in Humanities, #106 in Natural Sciences, #95 in Social Sciences, and #203 in Engineering and Computer Science. To study at the Autonomous University of Barcelona is a prestigious endeavor.

The official website of the Autonomous university of Barcelona is www.uab.cat.

Some facts from the history of the Autonomous University of Barcelona

The Autonomous University of Barcelona was founded in 1968. There is no doubt that in comparison with the oldest functioning University of Salamanca, it is a very young educational institution. Nevertheless, the university managed to make a colossal breakthrough, marking its way with great achievements. Nowadays it is included in the list of the leaders in world education.

Right after its opening, the Autonomous University of Barcelona offered academic programs in four departments: Arts, Medicine, Economics, and Natural Sciences. In 1969, the university signed a land purchase agreement; later on, additional university campuses were built on this land. 1976 marked the end of the dictatorship, and the university adopted the so-called “Bellaterra Manifesto” plan based on the ideas of the democratic and independent university development and aimed to reflect the image of a regenerating Spain. Two years later, after the confirmation of the Statute of Catalonia, the University Committee proclaimed its decision to move under the jurisdiction of the Catalonian Government. Starting in 1993, the Autonomous University of Barcelona opened a complex of student dormitories on its territory, making it similar to the American campus system. After Spain joined the European Higher Education Area, the Autonomous University of Barcelona reconsidered all its educational programs and successfully switched to the single system of education.

English - Autonomous University of Barcelona = Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Spanish.

How can one enter the Autonomous University of Barcelona?

Similar to the admission process in any university in Barcelona and Spain in general, one should remember that there is no single admission scheme. Everything is taken into account: the place where the student’s last level of education was obtained, academic results and previous achievements, the chosen department, registration for the preliminary course or registration for the diploma program, etc. However, there are several general steps necessary to take in order to study at the Autonomous University of Barcelona:

1. Submit a certificate or diploma (this depends on the chosen cycle of education). If your document is issued outside the EU, it might be necessary to homologate it through the Ministry of Education of Spain. In this case, the department and Entrance Committee announce their final decision.

departments of autonomous university of barcelona

2. If you enter the Bachelor’s program, you will have to pass entrance exams (Pruebas de Acceso a la Universidad – PAU). One can pass this exam while staying in Spain or in the Embassy of Spain in the country of origin. When transferring from the university of your country or when entering the preliminary course in the university, passing the entrance exam is not a requirement. After the successful completion of the first two stages, you will have a chance to start the pre-registration process. Since the Autonomous University of Barcelona is a public university, the preliminary registration for the program is done through the authorities of the Catalonian government.

3. If you consider studying in the Autonomous University of Barcelona in the second or the third cycle, the admission procedure might depend on the chosen department or the major and requires an individual application process. It is worth mentioning that the Autonomous University of Barcelona actively tries to help foreign students during the admission process and during the adjustment period later on. Before the beginning one’s studies, one can register for the intensive language courses offered not only for the Spanish language, but also for English and Catalan.

A great variety of academic programs are offered in all three cycles of education, and diplomas are issued upon graduation from each of the twelve departments of the Autonomous University of Barcelona – all these features make the university especially appealing.

  • Departments of the Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Department of Biological Sciences
  • Department of Communication Technologies
  • Department of Economics and Business
  • Department of Pedagogy
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Political Science and Sociology
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Natural Science
  • Department of Translation
  • Department of Veterinary Medicine
  • School of Engineering

Due to the public status of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the cost of studying is established by the government of Catalonia and is annually regulated. Moreover, it should be mentioned that this university in Barcelona boasts the most variety in scholarships and grants, as well as students’ credit programs and social aid. In addition, when studying at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, you will have a chance to participate in one of the numerous exchange programs to other countries, expanding your experience and familiarizing yourself with different systems of education.

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