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Health insurance companies in Barcelona

health insurance spain

When choosing among health insurance companies in Barcelona, it is necessary to consider the timeframe commonly called a “grace period” (periodo de carencia), during which the insured person is not permitted to access certain types of medical services. For example, for women who plan pregnancy and childbirth, this period can last up to 10 months. Policies with most insurance companies allow for use of the full range of medical services, as well as bonuses and discounts for contract renewal, after a year of constant payment of the insurance premiums.

Differences in the monthly payment amount depends upon the type of insurance purchased:

  • The copayment option includes a small monthly fee for insurance. In addition, the client is required to pay extra for the cost of any procedure, examination, or consultation he or she receives, as the company pays only partially for each medical service.
  • Страхование без copago. Оплачивается только ежемесячный взнос за страховку.
  • For insurance without a copayment option, the client pays only a monthly fee for insurance.
  • Planned hospitalization can be excluded from the policy, reducing the cost.
  • With the reimbursement option, the client can choose both a hospital and a specialist, and the insurance company reimburses up to 80-90% of the medical expenses.

The best health insurance companies in Spain are Sanitas, Adeslas, Mapfre, Asisa, Asa, Aegon, Asefa, Divina Pastora, Murimar Seguros, and Agrupacio.

List of health insurance companies in Spain

health insurance companies barcelona


This company offers insurance with full coverage. The insurance program includes hospitalization services, surgical intervention, consultations, various types of examinations, pregnancy and childbirth services, ambulance use, and dentistry. Also, the company provides various types of additional services, such as inhalations at home, laser therapy, speech therapist consultations, chemotherapy, and other types of cancer treatment. The cost of the policy may include cornea and spinal cord transplantations. The policy covers medical expenses abroad in the amount of up to 12,000 euros.

Approximate cost of the policy:

  • Minimum coverage: 14 euros
  • Copayment option: 32 euros
  • Maximum coverage: from 60 euros
  • Main offices in Barcelona: Carrer de Joan Torras, 25, 08030; Ronda de la Universitat, 22, 08007.


This company provides high-quality medical care and access to all company services at Sanitas’ own hospitals and clinics. Various insurance options include a wide range of medical services aimed at meeting the requirements of each client. These services include medicines, optics, accident insurance, alternative medicine services, and treatment in the USA. All programs cover medical expenses abroad up to 12,000 euros. There is an expanded Sanitas BLUA program that offers online medical consultations and home care.

Approximate cost of the policy:

  • Minimum coverage: 23 euros
  • Copayment option: 37 euros
  • Maximum coverage: from 64 euros
  • Main offices in Barcelona: Carrer de Tuset, 5, 3ª planta, 08006; Carrer de Roger de Flor, 187, 08013; Carrer de Bilbao, 83, 08005


This company offers a number of insurance options, both with copayment and without. Asisa has a wide network of partner clinics with more than 42,000 specialists. The company also covers medical expenses abroad together with its partner, Europe Assistance. Additionally, it may be possible to receive free dental insurance, which includes tooth extraction, emergency cases, and cleaning. Other optional services include nuclear medicine, oncology, inhalation at home, preparation for childbirth, rehabilitation, and artificial kidneys (hemodialysis). The policy may also include cornea and spinal cord transplantation.

Approximate cost of the policy:

  • Minimum coverage: 25 euros
  • Copayment option: 40 euros
  • Maximum coverage: from 43 euros
  • Main offices in Barcelona: Passeig de Gràcia, 49, 08007; Carrer de Manuel Moreno Mauricio, 35, 08917 Badalona.

To get detailed information about medical insurance, contact INEEDSpain service center. Our full contact details are located on the principal web page.


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