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SIP health card in Spain

sip в испании

According to the current legislation, the following categories of foreign nationals residing in Spain have the right to obtain a SIP card:

  • Employees who pay fees to the social insurance system on a regular basis;
  • Underage children;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Pensioners receiving a state pension;
  • Students under 26 years old.

In addition to the aforementioned categories of citizens, immigrants who have a Spanish residence permit for a period of at least one year also can obtain access to public medical services (convenio especial), but in this case the monthly insurance fee will be about 60 euros.

The presiding health authorities in each region determine the public health care service conditions under their jurisdiction. Illegal immigrants can obtain a temporary SIP card in Spain (temporary SIP card Spain) with restrictions on the provision of medical care.

Process of obtaining SIP card in Spain

карточка SIP в Испании

It is possible to obtain a SIP card in Spain (obtaining a SIP card in Spain) at the offices of the state insurance authority (Seguridad Social), the location of which depends upon the applicant’s place of residence.

First, an insurance number is assigned to a foreign resident. The process for receiving the number entails filling out a questionnaire and presenting the following documents: passport, residence permit, and registration by place of residence. After this, both a social security number and a document certifying the right for medical assistance are issued. The insurance number, passport, and residence permit must be presented in person at a medical institution near one’s place of residence (Centro de Salud) when it is a first-time application. One must present the SIP health card in Spain (SIP health card Spain) every time the holder requires a medical service as well as when he or she purchases prescription medicine at a pharmacy.

The specialists of INEEDSpain service center will be glad to answer all of your questions and give you sound advice in any situation regarding medicine or obtaining the SIP card in Spain. Please contact INEEDSpain office for a consultation, information on business and life in Catalonia, or for assistance with residence documentation. Full contact details are available on the home page.


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