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How to obtain medical insurance in Spain

медицинское страхование в Испании

The reasons for the growing popularity of the private insurance sector are as follows: the absence of waiting lists and the ability to obtain a consultation with any specialist as soon as possible, 24 hour-per-day service, the possibility to choose a specialist and clinic, hospitalization options such as single rooms, meals for a companion, convenient options for obtaining test results per e-mail, etc.

The price of medical insurance in Spain depends on one’s age, sex, and place of residence. Normally, one has the option of an individual insurance plan, family plan, or group plan. The cost of minimum coverage, which includes only consultations, some types of examinations, and emergency assistance averages 15-25 euros per month, so almost everyone can afford an additional policy. As a rule, the standard policy processing term does not exceed 3-5 days.

Private medical insurance in Spain

Private health insurance for foreigners in Spain is provided on the same terms as for Spanish nationals. Moreover, when applying for a long-term visa (such as a residence visa, student visa, etc.), a foreign citizen is obliged to purchase private medical insurance with full coverage, including repatriation services. To attain a private policy, the following documents are required: passport, bank account number, and details of the applicant’s residence. Also, the insurance agent will ask the applicant to complete a questionnaire and list prior surgeries, hospitalizations, chronic diseases, and possible health issues.

The insurance companies that provide the best private medical insurance in Spain offer individual insurance plans and rank among the best in the annual official insurance company ratings (for example, Adeslas, Sanitas, Asisa). These companies also have their own networks of medical centers, hospitals, and dental clinics.

оформление медицинской страховки в Испании

The public medical system provides full health insurance in Spain for expats if an employer or a self-employed migrant makes social security payments on a regular basis. Regardless of the state insurance, private medical insurance for expats in Spain can be issued on general terms.

When obtaining a private insurance policy, it is necessary to pay attention to the restrictions on medical services, such as a grace period (carencia), during which the insured person cannot use a planned hospitalization service or certain types of examinations. This period, which ranges from three to ten months, depending on the conditions of the policy, also does not cover the cost of childbirth and postnatal stay in the hospital. There are also restrictions for aged patients (65 years and older), and the insurance company may refuse to cover a number of required procedures. Additionally, the place of residence of the insured matters, since the number of consultations and procedures and their cost vary by geographical location, and there is a significant difference when services are provided, for example, in Barcelona versus in Alicante.

Specialists from INEEDSpain service centre will provide consultations concerning medical treatment in Spain. To get detailed information about services for business and life, contact our managers via e-mail or telephones on the index page.


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